Thursday, September 18, 2014

Street Mermaid week

It was that week again where the streets are cheerful and blingy and laugh out loud hilarious. I saw a mermaid, a Cat in the Hat and a superhero walking along with backpacks on within a few metres of each other and they made me laugh out loud- not an easy feat after I've just got the fearsome five up and out in the morning.
Book week was on and we threw some gear together for the two youngest offspring. They kind of had themselves sorted this time as they are independent lasses and I'm a little jaded and time starved in the a.m. SO Lala found an old furry tail from when the boys were little, a fluffy jumper and the face paints to put her scary wolf eyes on. She said later her teacher yelped when he was marking the roll and she was looking down at her desk.

It reminded me of that scene in Indiana Jones where the besotted student writes "Love You" on her eyelids for Dr Jones to notice her. We recently bought the original movie for nix and watched it with the offspring. The big ones vaguely remembered it. I loved it. Have to go back for the other ones now.

I've just introduced the girls to Mary Poppins. The boys saw it years ago but like many of their original films, it was thrown out as it was on a video. These two love Ms Poppins and Lala in particular has been singing "Feed the Birds" endlessly. At least it's a break from "Let it Go" which like loom bands seems to have (thankfully) been let go. Last week we went to a Frozen party and, for a freaky, frozen second, I couldn't pick my own child out of the crowd. How do penguins do it?

Meanwhile back at book week, the shorter one decided to go as Thumbelina as there was to be a sea of blingy blue  frocks a la Elsa in Frozen. In the dodgy $2 version of Thumbelina that we have, she is wearing a pink dress so Shortstuff seized the opportunity to sport a hot pink tutu under the guise of being the Thumbster.

Likewise this morning was "wear something pirate" day. The black eye patch was not in the yellow dish where she said she left it. We were already late when my eye fell on a pink tiara in the junk  ornaments next to her bed. "Pirate Princess" I exclaimed and the ruse worked. She bunged on the bling and trotted off happily to school perhaps for the better as I did see one preppy walk into his car door, no doubt due to his impaired monocular vision from the eyepatch that he was wearing. Clearly his yellow dish had not been tampered with.

May all your yellow dishes be untampered with too.


  1. I giggled. Indeed it a great thing to have our yellow dishes untampered with, I only have three kids and they seem to tamper with EVERYTHING. ALL OF THE THINGS.
    And> school holidays. Thank g o o d n e s s.

  2. Good old book week. I can imagine the teacher letting out a bit of a squeal with those eyes. She may have a future in the makeup industry. x

  3. Spooky eyed Lara is lingering in my fragile psyche.

  4. This looks very funny :D
    So perfect to scarry somebody in the morning :D

  5. I hate book week. Poor children have never gone dressed as anything because I've never had enough preparation nor have I had the energy. I'm impressed by your effort. Lala's eyes are freaking me out!!

  6. Your kids crack me up - those eyes!!! I love all the Indiana Jones movies, although I had forgotten that scene, classic! Bless those dishes that don't get tampered with - where do I find those! x

  7. UK book week largely passed us by in rural Wales, I'm kinda wishing it hadn't now. And I'm not surprised the teacher yelped!

    We did have wear something pirate days though ... one year I bought two inflatable parrots ...great idea not, they slowly deflated during the day leading to two kids emerging at the end of the day with what looked like psychedelic road kill attached to their shoulders.


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