Saturday, December 31, 2011

My People!

I took a box of toddler treasures to Ron and Brian's. The karmic value was good. I left the shop with this $2 quilted lovely.I thought it might be a nice play mat for innocent toddler games,
that we could appreciate the clever stitchery and animal appliqué,
perhaps read a gentle tome or two.
Then they came, emerging at first tentatively from of the recesses of the room. The terrorist twins,
the subversive nanna,
the boho, political agitator,
the oppressed, laundry laden mama,
the underpaid zebra,
the charismatic odd ball,
all lined up by their leader...
missiles ready, expressions fixed and determined...
pawns in the hands of a greater power.
She has always called them 'my people' but I took it to be in a more congregational way rather than a revolutionary one. She relished the numbers she had rallied. "Two, two!" she exclaimed zealously, gesturing wildly...

before launching into a crazed marching dance around her Quiltenberg Rally.

My little despot!
Always an empathetic dictator, she takes time to observe the satellite state outside her window...
where the proletariat labours on obliviously. If you build it, they will come...

Nappy You Hear

No resolutions please!

Old year, new year. It's still the same bunch of funsters around here and the same pile of laundry in there. Without dwelling too much, there were a lot of good things in 2012. We experienced a lot of firsts: air flight, skiing, violin playing, lemonade stand, school leadership, communion, driving a ute, house building, Anne of Green Gables, potty training and- oh yes- blogging! It was an eclectic mix due to the age range and adventurous spirit of these delicious souls I find myself sharing my life with.

There has been some art made, some calzone baked, some dear friends embraced and a lot of washing folded. 2012 heralds big changes in the Smiley family. There will be two different uniforms as the big boys head off to high school. I will have to IRON! The wee-un has to start kindy two days a week so I can work to pay for the new school. Those long indulgent cuddly one- baby days are going to be dearly missed but I am so grateful that we had them.

I'm not so much one for resolutions although I do write a list in my new diary of things to do like paint the drawers and build a new deck. (That's been on there a few years now.) Otherwise we'll just schlepp along as always, laughing, loving, arguing and learning, enjoying the old and the new with equal vigour. See you in 2012!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flower Power

I've been yearning for one of these little babies for a while now. So when CurlyPops put them on sale a few weeks ago, I could no longer resist. It finally arrived yesterday but I wanted to savour the opening. Little moments can be considerably better enjoyed without the Q and A brigade interrupting with requests for food and undies. So I dropped the boys off at the creek down the road and sent them for an adventure while I sat in the car with Snowy and slowly unpeeled my treasure.
I do love a present with layers!
This is one of the joys of mail presents, especially those from clever, creative wrappers. I even played some of my own wrap music in the car as I slowly unwrapped. Just look at the prettiness!
Underneath even the wrapping underwear was pretty, all hand stamped and brown papery.
There was some bubble wrap that may go in the dollhouse bath a la the MMMC dollhouse reno.
Et Voila! It has arrived in its glorious colourfulness and I got as much pleasure from unwrapping it in the empty car next to a quiet creek as I will have wearing it in years to come. Thanks, Ms Curlypops! It is beautiful.
If I made New Year's Resolutions, which I don't usually, it might be to appreciate more of the little things and to gather all those tiny moments of pleasure into one big marvellous 2012!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Mooching

It's been a gentle and pleasant descent from the giddy heights of Christmas.
Some quiet pastimes have been embraced by all. Good ol' dress-ups reappear every holiday. I'm still waiting to see if the boys will do it this year on the cusp of teen- hood as they are.
There have been some good parties. This one knows how to celebrate in style. On finding her cousin's tap shoes at a party the other night, she proceeded to channel Liza and just a little Flashdance, I think. Dancing on chairs- who's child is this?!
Others took a more low key approach to being cool.

The big fella is, of course, raking and tidying and culling to within an inch of his life. A large chunk of 'underthehouse' went to the Salvo's in black garbage bags this morning and I still don't know what went. Is that some kind of stuffed toy karma?

More dress-ups with friends, family and associated gadgets which seem to have invaded our house this Christmas. We may have unleashed the contents of Pandora's beat box, I fear!

Some times they are still kiddy cute- making fairy gardens for the fairies. (In the hope they can get more lollies after eating all the Christmas booty!)

Monday, December 26, 2011

The three days of Christmas


Rainy brunch at a friend's,
last minute presents for Nanna
made by the offspring (mainly),

baby Jesus turns up,
the last visit to the lights,
waiting for the sleigh with Santa snacks,
now, GO TO BED!!!


happy amigos,
well laid plans,
a reindeer theme,

more presents,
'getting air'.


Bling from Samoa,
blue skies,
new skills,

catching up

with old friends,
of all ages
and species.

A wonderful three day ride and now, the serenity!

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