Friday, December 23, 2011

Bumper Christmas Edition!!!

I know this will be too long but so much is happening. Ii won't even show you the spider monkey tree lopper outside our windows today or the scooter fiesta at DFO skate bowel or tell you about the champagned up girlfriend who tried to give me a pedicure with a large pair of sewing scissors, taking some toe in the process.

However, there was shopping with the elves for the annual Santa photo for Nanna. The horror on poor Shorty's face said it all but she LOVED Santa!
Look at the inane stuff they are selling in the malls. This is straight from a Far Side cartoon.
We needed to neutralise the retail with some thrifting so there was a brief browse at Ron and Brian's. I could have bought you all presents, my lovelies. There was a fixer upper for MMMC,
some stacker mugs for the one of you who loves them although I forget who that is,
a perfect, Pyrex trifecta with stand for Bungalowgirl and
milk glass for Zara. There was a nice sugar bowl for Deb but it was broken!
Then we veered past Spotlight to buy wool for the crochet bunny that will not be finished in time for Christmas. This is what greeted me when I emerged from the wool aisle. "Surprise!"
This is a gratuitous Shirley Temple shot for me- please ignore.
The crochet bomb went off in my brain this week possibly due to the unseasonally cool weather. These stars were made last year for a few friends, teachers and the cleaner who found my new phone in a trolly at the shops.
These ones stayed up all year and were seasonally enhanced with lights.
I have only just blocked these old ones to get them good and pointy as I didn't have time last year. They were pinned out and sprayed and then ironed on low between towels to cheat as there was no sun to dry them in.
This will be the blue bunny- just not real soon.
There was a need for Yuletide doilies so I made some with left over garland cotton. It's a bit nanna but I might do some more colours. They could always be pot holders or nursing bra pads.
Nothing was safe from the crochet hook unleashed. These baubles needed a reason to live and, having been joined in the sacred bonds of crochet, now form a jolly conga line over the window.
While the boys scootered outside DFO, I scooted inside and found some gems at Typo. These porcelain decorations (one of which will make a Christmas pendant) were $2 each. The glass bowl is one of the three op shop ones. It has those pretty carnival glass hues and will house rum balls, etc on Sunday.
The Big Fella graciously did all the Christmas groceries as he is, once again, making the meal this year. He also brought these canvases home so the chillun could make his Mum a painting if I could just "oversee it"! it's a fair exchange to not have to cook on Christmas day!
There was a hostage exchange in front of MMMC's house today. One replica Noodle for a pre-loved Dipsy to feed my toddler's unfashionable tele tubby infatuation.
Grandad's penchant for nuts and Rocky Road has been modded into a rocky bark type thing to be packaged tomorrow.
Reindeer have been painted. They were to emulate the mystical pillowcase reindeer in turquoise and red but may have to be content with gesso this year.
If you are still with me you deserve a toddy or a cuppa or just a big hug! It has been a grand few months exploring Blogland with all of you and I am always grateful and surprised that you are there. May your Christmas be all that you hope for and more, with love, laughter and, maybe, a little bit of peace. See you on the other side! x
Merry Christmas!


  1. You are so sweet and so much fun! Thanks for thinking of me in the op shop. (ha ha) I dearly would have loved to see the hostage exchange and most importantly, where do you find a man who cooks Christmas dinner??!!!!!

    Have a great Christmas!


  2. That first photo is the funniest I've seen in a long time! Laughed.
    I'm glad to see Dipsy looking like she's enjoying the adventure ... we have a Po if you ever need one. I do love my Noodle. He's sitting in pride of place next to some Cathrineholm which he seems thrilled with. I'm tempted to use him in a Christmas montage blog Christmas message.
    Merry Christmas to you Annie, and your incredibly busy family.xo

  3. Merry Christmas Annie. Thank you for all the laughs. See you on the other side xxx

  4. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas Annie.

  5. Merry Christmas - have a good one. xxx

  6. Annie have a wonderful xmas with your wonderful family. The blog is always a wonderful read and gives me lots of chuckles. Not to mention all the fabulous art to admire. Maybe in new year we could have an outing to Ron and Brians, perhaps stay for 6 hours??
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow!!

  7. Hold that crochet hook !
    Small stuff started the day in dismay.
    Maybe, her dismay centered around that perfectly hideous laced foot.
    I just know I'll have a nightmare about that revolting object.
    Notice it has a ball wearing it. Presumably, whence came the word "football".
    Did you entertain the thought, just for a fleeting moment, of walking past the table of weirdos in Spotlite and not claim them as the fruit of your loins?
    Annie, I congratulate you on the funniest part of my day. You have found your milieu in these e-pages of Blogland.
    I truly wish you, the big bloke (a cook no less!), and your nutty chillun all that heaven allows in the realm of JOY.
    I shall count the days until we meet again .

  8. Merry Christmas Annie! I always enjoy my visits here!! xx


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