Friday, December 9, 2011


This has been our nativity stable for about ten years, since they were big enough to wield a glitter shaker. I felt it was a little bedraggled and needed to change. We looked at other options. There was no room at the inn.
We came up with the Fisher Price solution. There was actually a $40 F.P. nativity set in K-mart with an angel and star that played Silent Night but I was the only one interested in it. We do probably have enough F.P. little people to re-enact the Nuremberg Rally so I let it go. The barn stable will do. Mary and Joseph fit quite nicely and, importantly, the baby is still intact.
There seem to be a couple of AWOL shepherds. Bring in the F.P. extras for the livestock.
"Psst, Joseph! The Noahs are here. They can fill in for the Shepherds if they must. Oh look! They've brought along half their ark. The cheek! Tell them I'm busy with the obstetrician, Joe!"
"Is that a giraffe in the stable? It's sort of North Africa-ish I suppose."
"Who invited the doctor?"
"Mary, I've organised a few extra days in a private horse-stable for you to rest. Why have you got all these visitors?" They always say that, Mary.
"Joseph, turn the star down to 11, please. It's attracting all the bendy, circus weirdos. The Noahs probably asked them along."
"Joseph! Keep your crocodile away from the holy infant, pah-lease!"
"Joseph! There's a bear in the roof again! Where are we- Canada? Do something, Joseph. Joseph..."
No more extras! Can the hand of destiny please desist before there is retribution?!
Too late! The angel of the Lord has been dropped from a great and glorious height.
Here's a dodgy understudy to stand in while Princess Aralditie sets. Bambi, you're on the wrong movie set. This is a Cecil B. De Mille not a Disney.
It's a work in progress.


  1. Haha, that made me laugh out loud!!! :-)

  2. Hilarious! I had to show the husband. Send the bear back.

  3. The barn stable looks perfect. Wow, you really do have a lot of FP little people. BTW Do you ever find them in op shops?

  4. Love your work and the narrative. Hmmm, has me wondering if Legoman and Roboboy could pull together a lego nativity from all the miscellaneous star wars and city lego around the house.....The real question is whether lego princess leia in the gold bikini could be reasonable be expected to double as the virgin Mary. They have just built a diorama with a chalet and christmas tree and a lego rudolph has just appeared so there is potential. melx

  5. That fairy has gone to the orthopaedic ward of your stable, where a few swipes of araldite will work wonders.
    But, for now, the replacement in the role strikes me as being a wild thing.
    It's good to turn the stable into a field hospital as you have.
    Also , looking like a crowd scene from a Richard
    Attenborough doco.
    But even they, Mary and Joseph, ever tolerant, would draw the line at cows and bears in the roof space.
    The Noahs - Sam and Ruthy - have paid good money for front row seats, but are objecting to the earthy smell of wet straw and effluent.
    They have been duped by their travel agent.
    Sam says that he should have booked the trip himself on line.
    They paid for a desert view, and will cause a ruckus unless the top floor is culled immediately and a 4-poster kingsize installed.
    Mary must have had a premmie birth for her baby to already be housed in the manger.
    Good thinking , Joseph, to have the obstetrician on emergency call.

  6. Priceless. Can't write more. Laughing too much!

  7. That DMC is a cracker! I emailed you Annie. Let me know if you didn't get it.

  8. Good job! oh that hand of destiny will get you every time!

  9. BG: Mary could have been wearing a Jedi robe and chalets and stables are interchangeable.

    DMC: The Noahs are well used to smelly quarters. Their place is a pig sty!

    CC: Many of the little people were hand down from the older offspring but we have found an abundance on our op shop travels as well.

  10. Annie, granted.
    But, the Noah's had been caught up in a lot of water and floating flotsam , and required a complete change of scene and a hot , dry restful break. They had eaten the dove and it was repeating.
    They had a yearning to leave the pig sty behind and take an invigorating holiday sight seeing.
    To be reminded of the smells they had left, rubbed salt into their already festering inner wounds.
    I think all of us learn to tolerate our own backyard, but need R&R in luxurious surroundings
    now and then , to heal the shattered psyche.

  11. DMC: I'm with you on the last bit!


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