Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oppy- tune moment

On the way back from Ramp Attack (walls of noise and plywood), I benevolently dropped off the four tired, sore boys at Macca's for a 50 cent cone and (surprise), realised it was next door to Ron and Brian's. (There may have been some ulterior motive but after four and a half hours of watching under- twelves scoot and skate I had earned a browse.)

I felt a little karma in the air. The Lairy Godmother had bought me this cream enamel bowl for the chook scraps. I found the blue one yesterday and will give it to my sister for her new chooks.
These little pillowcases will make handy draw string bags for Shorty to take her little people with her everywhere we go. They are her portable playgroup, friends in a baggy if you will.
I love a bit of sunny seersucker and the Western Australian flowers linen cloth is a treat. If only I could cut it up for a cushion.
This skirt was too good to pass up. Too big for Shorty and deemed too pretty by the dark one, it will be shelved for a year or two.
Looky at the Russian dolls and pom-poms. How could I not?
This little tee is just pretty and fits Shorty now. There were other clothes too and a few bits and bobs. All up $13 plus $2 for the ice cream cones to keep the boys busy. Kept me sane for another hour anyway.


  1. HA! Christmas poles are the hottest thing in the states!

  2. I love enamel pots! Don't you wish you could wear that skirt? It's adorable.

  3. Love all your finds. How lucky finding the enamel bowl, I'm sure your sister will like it. Yes the tablecloth would look great as cushions, but it is a struggle cutting them up. x

  4. Mr Urban Cottage: How lovely to have you pop in! I'm embarrassed I didn't tidy up first as your place is always immaculata. I'm off to cut a Christmas pole to dance around in an elfin way!

    Deb: I'm always up for a nice bit of enamel.

    Zara: If only I could cut it would also make a lovely frock for the wee-un.

  5. Bargain! I love a bit of enamel, too.

    I'm liking your pillow case drawstring bag idea. We have a few little pillow cases that were handed down along with their matching cotsheets that may finally get used. BTW, yes do try the U shaped stitch, it's a neat way to finish.

  6. I'll come 'round and cut up that skirt if you need me to. And love those pots. You could feed the chooks and then cook them! What's this about a U shaped stitch?????

  7. What tasteful gems.
    I particularly love the little shirt which would look great as a dress for a mite as well as a T-shirt for small stuff.
    No wonder that particular McDonalds does such good business .

  8. I'm envious of your finds - all great by the way. I think I spied sequins too on that skirt; it has everything!


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