Friday, October 5, 2012

Books, chooks and nooks

This funny little painting turned up in the nooks and cranny op shop yesterday for $2. I don't think it was quite finished but it is appealing in a Maira Kalman kind of way.

One can always use an extra copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and we can never have enough Noah books around here.

 Another Noah's Ark book. I know I indulge the Noahs but they are so troublesome otherwise.

 This jangled some memory neurone somewhere deep in the abyss.

I love these hard covered P.D. Eastman books!

An absolute family favourite in mint condition,

another Dr Seuss hard back favourite,

and this cloth covered book for the fairy loving Short one. All these books came to the princely sum of $1 at Rob and Brian's!

This measuring cup looks almost new and I'd been looking for one for ages to replace an old original one I sold at a garage sale years ago.

Shorty also got a new chook egg collecting basket as we gave some eggs to somebody in her last one and forgot who. I must get some cartons.

Ah...we have re-arrived at the fairy ring phase having barely moved out of it with Lala. These red fruit are from a tree up at Mt Glorious the other day. Do you know what they are? 
She was rewarded with a new wand and a specimen jar of jelly beans sans the black ones! The fairies must have a penchant for those. 

That reminds me of the only joke I could remember as a child: What do you call an Italian Astronaut?
                                                                                             A Specimen. (chortle!)


  1. Giggle! I love that measuring cup, I've never seen anything like it.

    1. They must just be Australian, Deb. They've been aroun for decades.

  2. I didn't get that joke until I added an accent. There are some good books in there. We read Go Dog Go so much with the two boys that I should have just recorded a reading and put it on permanent loop. Shorty'll be reading in no time.

  3. Lovely....what a great haul of books.....snap with the measuring cup...our fairy rings get eaten by the rabbits,,,but it dosnt stop us repeating the process....

  4. Fabulous finds there, love the books, I can remember several of those from my childhood! Ada :)

  5. I love collecting Noah books too. I have a Noah though so that's the main reason - do you too?

    1. No. I just have those naughty Fisher Price Noah's that reappear in cameo roles throu out this blog. I don't know why. It's a lovely boy's name!

  6. Ha-ha!

    We have all my husband's childhood 'Dr Seuss' books including Go Dog Go and The Diggiest Dog. He's written his name inside them too, all cute and wonky. Love them. That Caspar and Wendy looks good too, I used to love Caspar comics when I was a kid.

  7. Youre measuring cup is great! And the fairy ring is so so nice. :-)

  8. Some great books there. And $1!? My mum had a measuring cup like that but in a brown/orange floral. I'll have to see if it's still around

  9. Do you realise we have never Opped together? When you find stuff like this I realise what I'm missing. Adding it to our To Do List.

  10. Should you really be encouraging those Noah's? They seem bent on world domination as it is (excluding Mel's cute chap of course)!

    That painting is rather lovely :D

  11. Speaking of chooks and books I was thinking of you and the littlest one yesterday. I was at the Moggill Markets or Brookfield Markets not sure what they are called. They had big chooks with speckles on display as well as baby chicks. They also had a story book on display written by a local from Kenmore about the chooks in their backyard,featuring chooks, crows, cockatoos and references to sharing the eggs with the neghbourhood. I immediately thought of Shorty. Would you like me to pick you up a copy next time I frequent the markets or have you already discovered this lovely local story?
    I have been reading your blogs but by the time I get to them it is too late to comment as you are already onto the next one, or even the one after that.

  12. Where do I start?
    Of course it has to be with those pesky Noahs.
    I am concerned by their overiding percentage of books.
    I fear they have insinuated themselves into your psyche and you have no control over their control.
    Dreaded fiends!
    I had to laugh at your selling your one and only measuring device at a car boot sale.
    What does that say? As I stress your psyche has been invaded from way back.
    The short person is in a class on her own. What a fascinating woman she will be.
    Meantime , ask her to persuade Sam and Ruthy to try her fairy ring. And once they're in she can do a magical chant for them to disappear.

  13. My Mum still has her measuring cup just like that but orange. Winner of a collection of books. Love a Noah story. Full of hope.


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