Monday, October 29, 2012


Sometimes when they take photos they foolishly leave evidence not only of who was messing with my phone but what other wickedness was afoot. That would be my pristine bedding in the background!
Lala was caught red (and green) handed this time, identifying bangles sealing her guilt!

Shorty gazed into the cup of destiny (previously known as the vase of geraniums) but failed to see the next 24 hours of excitement ahead.

A freckle cake arrived on Sunday from a wonderful mother of seven who has only her last two still at home. They are the same age as my oldest two. I may be the moistest chocolate cake I have ever eaten and the icing is divine. She has promised me a recipe. I promise to share. The little beasties demolished it before I could get a pristine photo of it.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a birthday party and met Bron who was wearing a necklace similar to mine. I received my big blue heart from a dear friend on my birthday the week before and the same friend had also given me the ceramic dove I wore throughout my hospital stay in March.

ornaments and fridge magnets

When I described them Bron told me that she was the artist who had made them and invited me to come to her mum's for afternoon tea and see more of her work the following week. 

Happy pendant

                            Of course, I took my friend who may be Bron's keenest collector.

wall plaque

Bron's mother is a bit of a collector too, it seems. She rescues dolls from op shops and gives them a new home in her doll community. There was even an original Shirley Temple doll there! Shorty and "the doll nanna" got on like a house on fire. 

"The doll nanna" had a few other treasures in her home too! 

We all had a delightful time running our fingers through the ceramic lovelies, drinking tea, walking the dog and feeding dolls. It is lovely to find such creative and generous people in your own neighbourhood and interesting what a small world it is that links us all together.


  1. Do post that yummy looking choccy cake recipe when you get it Annie. Please.

  2. Lots of smiles here! Axxx :-)

  3. Oohhhh, that chocolate cake looks good. That icing.... Looking forward to the recipe. Sounds like you had a lovely afternoon tea, too.

  4. The unexpected photos are always smile-inducing.
    As is that amazing rug in the last image.


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