Saturday, October 6, 2012

little things

This pleased me. 
That windowsill has been waiting a long time to reappear above the sink. We did the kitchen up in 2006 and it's been absent ever since but we've been busy, okay!

This amused me.
I think the family might get a good laugh if I walked out with this on the forehead at breakfast. Maybe I could wear it po-faced into radiotherapy.

This motivated me.
If you think of something profoundly appropriate and stylish that I could screen print on my similar little table, it may well be done. I also like the black leggies. It is from the Cloth company.

This inspired me.
I must show these to B1 who is smitten with skateboards and modding everything that moves at the moment. They are hanging on my sister, Kath's wall as part of a larger collection. 

This makes me happy.
Here's another bit of loveliness on her wall. It's quite a large mixed media canvas she made with her children based on a children's book they all liked. Isn't it joyous?!

This tickled me.
We love our kookaburras (bad buggers) although they get a bit pushed around buy the cockatoos here. This fellow saw a window of opportunity while there were no kids and no cockies. He preened on the fence and dived in at least five times for a swim and a freshen up. They make such a commotion in the water.

Almost as much as they make in the trees.

* I have been a little artistica prolifica this week because I took up the challenge to join Blogtoberfest. (Thanks Mel and Cam!) This October is a big month for me with a birthday overshadowed by the end of this treatment junket. So I thought I'd give myself a little challenge- no cycling up Mt Cootha just yet. Just baby steps like climbing the stairs at the hospital carpark instead of getting the elevator and writing posts daily about nothing. I still can't figure out how to put the Blogtober button on my posts but you get it anyway!


  1. Heavens that female face throws up a psychic hiccup.
    She has been with you all the time these last 6 months. She too, has lost her hair and has grown a third eye.
    Obviously your sister's childer are as artistic as your own.
    Birds represent the Holy Sprit in dreams .
    That kookaburra is an Australian day dream.
    Awe has me in its grip.

  2. I thought, by way of explanation, we see your Tantric Self.
    The third is your inner eye.
    We see a balance between the inner and outer Self.

    1. I hadn't thought of it that way but you are very insightful yourself, DMC! This experience has made me look at a lot of things very differently.
      My sister is a gifted and prolific maker of art. I love her very much!

  3. I loved your kookaburra post. I also love that mural. I want one.

  4. Yay, more of your posts make me joyous! You're so inspiring to a lot of us, i'm sure.

  5. I didn't know kookaburras loved a swim. Great pics!

    1. Neither did I till I lived here!
      They used to swim in Bob's pond next door but the new owners filled it in so they swapped to here.
      We are most happy to share with the happy chucklers except when they start at 6 am outside the window!

  6. Amazing photos of the swimming Kookaburra, I have never seen this before, but they are just big kingfishers after all. Kathy is a very clever mummy, I too would love this for my house. Good luck with Blogtoberfest, I tinkered with the idea, but off to Hawaii on Friday so thought it best to not be spending time hunting down internet cafes and enjoy the break. You inspire me!

  7. The Kookaburra is amazing. I've never seen one but there is a children's song "Kookaburra sit's on an old gum tree" ... you know it.

    1. I thought only Australian children had to learn that song. My sisters and I sang it in rounds at a friends birthday once. It seems to be embedded in our collective psyche!

  8. I Love Kookaburra's.
    I want to hang Anthony's childhood (70's) skateboard on our wall.
    When we were living (in sin) together he used to ride it down Chapel St (Melb) to meet me at my tram stop after work. I nearly died the first time I looked out the window and saw him. I thought I was so lucky to have a cool, skater dude for a boyfriend. Ha-ha!
    Your post has reminded me to get it on the wall Annie - thanks x

  9. We are know the words to the kookaburra song, but this is the first time I've seen one. Time to change the words from "tree" to "pool".
    All Brownies and girl guides in UK learn this campfire song.


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