Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sugar and Spice and mostly all things nice

We had some plans to celebrate the night I finished treatment. The Big Fella brought home some beautiful flowers. He has excelled with the flowers of late. He was going to make our favourite curry but we must have used the curry paste up and we had champagne on ice but I fell asleep with the self bedder and woke up two hours later to find him asleep on the couch. Perhaps we'll take a rain check. 
My Spice girl, she of thoughtfulness and sophistication beyond her nine years, remembered that it was a special day too and dropped a note beside me when I was sleeping perchance to skip champagne.

 Then she actually came through with the goods if not the spelling. Fifteen minutes, each side!! 

Then there is the Sugar. We found the self bedder had self bedded again but had changed into her posh  frock to  do so. I KNOW she was in a nighty after her bath. It would seem she is self bedding perchance to go to the ball with the Care Bear of her dreams.
Fair enough!


  1. Who care's about spelling when you've got a kiddo like Ella.
    (and who care's about wearing posh frocks to bed, when the kiddo wearing them PUTS HERSELF TO BED!)


  2. oh nice.... a tootie massage.......
    Bit like xmas days when everyone wakes up with can reschedule....
    Once this last term of school is finished and time is on your side, and feeling well is on your can celebrate every day

  3. 15 mins each side-bliss. Such a lovely daughter you have.

  4. Love me a foot masarge, too. What a thoughtful daughter you have.

  5. Oh your girls are both just priceless. So good to have a trainee masseuse in the house and on call. And as for the frock, miss Liongirl has spent most of the day in her nurse nancy outfit purchased for halloween, doling out handy candy pills as per the golden book of the same name. mel x

  6. What a LOVELY family you have reared, that gesture of kindness to you because of ending the treatment, is worth more than a million pounds!!!!... the love that it shows is deeper than any oceon, and baby girl putting herself to bed is also priceless... You have a wonderful family, the celebrations can be any time, and in fact its all around you!! You've come through, you have won!!! On all levels, but the best part is that your darling family love and cherish you so dearly***

    1. Thank you janzi. It is the small truly kind gestures and moments that make life precious not always the planned ones.

  7. I think Janzi summed it up perfectly. What lovely daughters you have. Ms E is older and wiser and kinder than her young years. Maybe Shorty's hit on marketing gold!? Who says we should just wear daggy pjs to bed? Why shouldn't we 'dress to the nine' at 9pm?

  8. Words elude me as I contemplate the love in your compassionate family.


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