Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Finishing Off

 This finally got finished off last week and I've been dragging it around with all my chattels. It holds a lot of chattels. *

My favourite bits were the flowers. There are some left over for the next project. I got carried away.

This would be some chattels at the side of the pool watching the Lala on her swimming bender. You can tell a lot about Annie Smith by Annie Smith's chattels.

This was finished off too pretty quickly I might add. The Best Little Mother in Law in the West-ern Suburbs dropped a huge pumpkin quiche over the other day and I am still eating it.

 Best of all, this is nearly finished off. Add another square for today's treatment and there are only four to go. Then what? I don't know but there will a lot less driving each day to the radiation station!

*The pattern for this bag, give or take a little tweaking, is from Attic 24. She has lots of great crochet ideas and patterns if you're so inclined.


  1. I hope that the patchwork blackboard quilt is the one finished first..... :)

  2. Quilting? Love the bag. I do like chattels. I've found a lovely Irish girl at work who loves purchasing chattels as much as me. Kindred spririts.

    Glad to hear the radiation is almost at an end. Kick it, sister!

  3. Love it all, not as much as you're loving the end in sight of that radiation I well imagine. Wouldn't mind a Pumpkin Quiche recipe, would save me feeding so many to the oinkers.

  4. Love the bag Annie - you clever clogs! In addition to Blogtoberfest, with all your crafty action you could also link up to Creative Spaces. So glad to see just 1 last row on that chart too. Mel x

  5. What a great bag! Glad you are nearly at the end of this bit! Hope you are getting all the support you need, Ada :)

  6. Lovely, cheerful bag! As well as the count-down drawing on the blackboard. Good luck for the last days of radiation.

  7. What a beautiful bag, it looks quite joyful, and I bet it was heaps of fun to make.
    The quiche looks very tasty, will you share the recipe, please, always trying to add another serve of vegies :)

    1. That recipe is one of the Scottish mother-in-laws, Margaret. She is very vague about passing on recipes: "a bit of this and a dash of that..." I have never even been allowed to look inside her pantry.
      I'll try and get some kind of recipe from her on this one.

  8. Your bag is as scrumptious as that quiche looks.
    Be careful you don't take a bite out of the wrong one.
    Roll on the next 4 days.
    Your petrol bill will drop.

  9. Replies
    1. Hello Anne! You look pretty bright yourself, you fit person, you!

  10. Love your crochet efforts Annie, makes me happy just looking at that bag. Go girl for the home stretch. mel x


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