Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pixie Pools

 Today the youngest three took me to the Pixie Pools. They had been there with their aunt a while ago when it was post floods and full of water. Today it was a more tranquil place and on the way we found a lush little bit of heaven to play in. Forget the gadgetry, we need to invest in a new piece of rope!

 This patch of loveliness is an old youth camp, no longer used but just maintained by a few dedicated volunteers. 

Not to be outdone by the brother!

There were mysterious paths lined with falls of wildflowers to wander along...

collecting red bush tucker fruits and flowers to make a fairy ring.

 The whole place did have an enchanted quality to it....

 especially in that Mt Glorious golden, late afternoon sun.

This child was convinced we were in a fairy forest. She is way too interested in pink and fairies and twirly bits for my own good.

 As opposed to this one who cringes at the sight of a brush like a vampire at garlic. The Pixie Pools are no good to swim in until we get rain to fill them and flush out all the water weeds.

Still it was magical and strange down in the shadowy gully hearing nothing more than the raucous calls of native birds and my runaway children off exploring.

 Bring on the rain. 

It's time for a swim around these parts!


  1. Every kid should get to spend some time in a magical place like The Pixie Pools (just its name is enough to suck me in)
    Our last house had the most magical old garden, perfect for fairies. Annabel would leave them food and make them beds etc and guess? they always left a teeny-tiny thank you note...

    1. Thanks for reminding me! I need to rustle something up for the ring out the front!

  2. Our whole garden is a fairy garden, bits and pieces left everywhere...fairy rings made and eaten by the rabbits............I love that they believe.......we had our first swim today down the beach, a tad chilly for SA but the kids didnt seem to mind...do they ever?

  3. Fairy gardens are the best! and everywhere when you really look, yes?
    This beautiful spot makes me want to get out of the city and fast!
    Love to you.

  4. Perfect place for make-believe. Lucky children.

  5. Nostalgia begone!
    I used to look for fairies and gumnuts in parched backyards when I was no bigger that the small one.
    But you have captured a fairy dell there where , if you listen closely, you can hear the tinkle of fairy bells.

  6. Catching up. Loved the 'messing with Shorty's mind' pics. Will send rain as soon as I locate a big enough bucket ... we have way too much of the stuff, as you know!

  7. So beautiful!!! Can you share where exactly it is-would love to go and check it out (reminds me so much of the Waitakere's in Auckland-sniff a little homesick) Living in Suburban North Lakes there's definitely a need for a visit to the Pixie Pools :-)


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