Tuesday, October 16, 2012

bribery and bags

A lot can happen before 9 o'clock. It's not just get up, get dressed and go!!! Is it?!
The Big Fella escaped at 7 o'clock. Chicken!
B1 was surprisingly organised and only took half an hour to eat brekky and ten minutes to put on two items of clothing.
B2 was anxious about an exam which he has studied hard for but might have jeopardised by sneaking his pie-pod into bed last night. He had spirals in his eyes.

After dropping the first two off, Fish and Lala started a long argument about who had his five dollars from the tooth fairy. The Big Tooth Fairy had taken pity after nearly throwing the last manky molar out several  times. Fish had lost the fiver from the elastic of his boxer shorts.

I drove Lala to school and told her I'd drop her away from the school because I had forgotten my hat in the heat of the five dollar moment. Of course I ran into somebody I knew with my naked head in the ten seconds it took her to get out of the car. My possum fluff was outed! 

Lala suggested I look under the left corner of the fridge for the five dollars. So I returned home to pretend to 'find' the money and get an apology from Fish. He left and Shorty picked up the baton. Refusal to go to kindy, wear non-pyjamas or a pony tail resulted in the promise of an ice cream on the way. I KNOW! Blatant bribery! It worked....

A satisfied customer.

 Then I returned home to this...

and this...

 and this! This is not a strip joint but there are items of sleepwear deposited all over the place. They don't put things away because they change up in the bathroom and don't want to walk back downstairs to their room.

 So I got a bit pro-active. These favourites were too small and destined for the oppy.

Instead they got the snip and lost their sleeves and collars.

They were turned inside out and sewn up with a very rough machine stitch across the bottom hem.

The pj's were inserted and now hang behind the bathroom door ready for tonight's lecture on self organisation.
It gave me a vague sense of having some control over something and if it doesn't work my friend told me to try putting their night clothes in the freezer for the day. She swears it worked on hers!

* Thanks to Gooseberry Jam for this recycling idea a long time ago.


  1. Hi Annie, every morning there's drama and arguing at our place (and mine are older than yours!) and every morning I can track their movements precisely by following the trail of tooth brushes, shampoo, hair straightners, cast off p.js. and poor fashion choices, mugs, glasses, etc etc ETC! And then it all starts up again when they get home. I wish an ice cream cone still had the power round here it once had!

  2. What a morning. The power of icecream, hey. My smallest one still likes to start her day around 5:30am, so a lot happens around here before 9am. I like your rainbow heart pins and the t-shirt bags are a great idea.

  3. Please come to my house and help me get organised!! Pure Gold! But what did the kids think? Mel xx

  4. The freezer! Now why did I never think of that. Fourth child, the only one still living here full time, is quite old enough to know about picking up clothes but couldn't care less!

    Brilliant bag idea :D

  5. Tired children sneaking iPod's into bed and taking half an hour to get dressed sounds very familiar! I love your up cycled Tshirts! Very cool. I also like your friends solution of night clothes in the freezer - winner!

  6. Clever girl, will you please make one for Bunny, we were talking about what we will need to leave in Samoa and mentioned old clothes with holes and he looked stunned, mentioned his Surfer t-shirt and said he thinks he will definitely have a problem with leaving that one behind.


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