Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cooling it

It has been unreasonably hot here the last few days. Even the breeze feels like it's out of a hairdryer. We are all doing whatever we can to cool down. Shorty opts for several baths a day so I've been leaving the water in for her to revisit when she overheats.

Having tired of the bath we dragged out the old wader pool from the big boys' first birthday and she pottered in that for a while.

Then the gang turned up and it became immeasurably cooler for a small person to hang with the older kids in the big pool.

The more mature folk goofed around and 

shared what looks like brotherly affection. It was really hydro-wrestling. So much testosterone, so little time.

It reminded me of this old underwater photo which has lived on the fridge for about twelve years because I love it so. If only it was digital I could reprint it. I was so tired back then I could have filed those negatives in the laundry basket.
That would be my foot in the foreground and B2's tushie to the right. B1 is to the left. How enthusiastic a photographer I was then!

What's that you say about the circle turning?

 Looks like the student has become the teacher now.


  1. I love your photos! And I can see why that one was on your fridge for so long too... it is rather grey and cool in Cornwall today: a little of your sunshine wouldn't go amiss for a day or two!

  2. Ha! A week in Cornwall would suit me just fine, Chloe!
    Welcome, by the way.

  3. Great photos. Love the underwater baby tushies. Too cute.

  4. Wasn't it a stinker today? Thank god we had after school swimming to save us from this student free day at home! Your pool looks glorious, as does the assorted marine life in your bathroom. mel x

  5. Summer is a bummer. And it's not even summer yet. I melt in the heat. I reckon it's going to be a hot one here in Perth this year. Yuk! I shall follow suit and take dips in the bathtub just like your Shorty. Our last house had a pool - this one, no.
    I love your fridge pic Annie.

  6. Those underwater tushies were indeed very fine but my favorite is the last one, sibling love at its best! (for the few seconds it lasted anyway...) :-)
    So, how hot is hot in your area? 33F / 0C here this morning. I might not go out running until noon today, way too cold for my lungs... ;-)

    1. That one went on for a while. She was till swimming in the dark with him at 7 pm! They all fell asleep very quickly tonight.

  7. And it got up to 33 degrees in the early afternoon I'm told. Ridiculous for October!

  8. It's a bit strange to see you children having fun in the pool while knitting thick sweaters against the cold and winter-depression. ;-)

  9. Looks good, didn't you just have a long winter? It is always hot here and I am not looking forward to the cold weather next year in Oz. I wish we had a pool, there are only a handful of houses here with them as building them and maintaining them are real problems.

  10. Oh my goodness, the last few days were very hot, good to see your gang having fun in your pool.When the heat gets too much for me, I put on the ceiling fan and watch "The Day After Tomorrow" all that ice and snow keeps my brain from focusing on the actual temperature.

  11. I'm designing a travelling air con to fit on my zimmer frame.
    It will make a killing for me.

  12. Or you could develop a fan attachment to keep you cool or propel you around on your frame so fast you cool down anyway.

  13. Honestly 23 degree heat is bordering on too much for me, 33 degrees would kill me! If I visit your side of the globe it will have to be Tasmania or die!


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