Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Radio Gaga

This is one of the faces of my new friend. When I lie there getting my therapeutic tan, these are the little faces that appear in the machinery above me. Dougskullery here is the first one I noticed on Day 1.

He resides in the large hand of Hal the robot. I prefer to see Hal as a large gentle reiki machine who waves his benevolent arm over and around me, never quite touching me but sending all his healing energy directly into my chestage. Hopefully he is blasting any rogue pac-man cancer cells into oblivion. When the classical music is on and the lights are off, the last radiologist leaves the room and Hal begins his radiation waltz with a series of ticks and buzzes, like an obscure African language. It all feels very 2001 Space Odyssey. I mentioned this to my young male radiologist and he said he had never heard of that movie. They must not have an art film unit in their Uni course. 

I asked if I could take some photos and he asked if I'd like to be in it! Seriously? Have you seen the cut on this hospital gown? Turned out I am anyway.

Dougskullery has a friend above him with a scary 'grrr' mouth and funny nose. There is a face in there too.

This is their round faced friend further around the dial of Hal's hand. There is not much else to think about during the motionless procedure except that it rather surreal to be lying midair with half your clothes off, music, a robot and one breast. Who'd have thought?

There could be some rather funny characters to paint out of this. A children's book? - "Hal and the Pac man Zappers". 

                       There have been eleven dates with Hal's faces and fourteen still to go.
It is really not too bad. They don't stick pointy sharp things in you or poison you. Maybe just a little bit but at least it's invisible. Really much nicer than keeno although as a holiday destination I have to say I've had better. 


  1. Almost half way through...grrrr back at

  2. Nearly half way, keep strong! Sending you positive Bloggy vibes! Ada :)

  3. Yes, you're almost over the hump. I think those faces are endearing, though I could imagine hating them seeing them everyday. It's easy to feel old now-a-days. I feel old at work. I say things to colleagues and get blank looks in return. I shut up mostly now.

    Keep your eyes on the end of the game and imagine a happy Christmas feast to sign off on a year you probably want to forget.xo

  4. It somehow makes it all seem a little too real seeing these images. As MMMC says, bring on Xmas and the years beyond when 2012 will be seen as merely a stepping stone. Thinking of you always.

  5. I feel like I was here only yesterday, but now there are 3 brand new posts! Thank you for sharing these pics. I was wondering what it was like for you at your 'appointments'. Love those faces. I'm seeing faces on the back of every truck these days. Would love to paint them. And your book sounds like a fine idea. You know how I love a project. Stay brave and endure the bizarre and we'll see you very soon (sooner than you may even expect...)

  6. Brrr, those machines look so intimidating. It must help when you can name them... ;-)
    I had my annual mammogram yesterday and although the 3d machine wasn't nearly as big as your robot, it was still pretty intimidating. Thinking of you as always and enjoying your posts! :-)

  7. Isn't it sad how the younger generation know nothing! I love how you make yucky things into gold.

  8. It's a pity your radiographer is still in short pants.
    Just as well you are fully grown to be the only responsible adult in that bleak room.
    It's a shame too that you are becoming desperate enough to speak with the hardware.
    Did they ask you your choice of music?
    Who knows, you might prefer rapp to wiggle your toes to.

  9. Some days there is music and other days not. Like life! I leave it up to them and only requested it be changed once from Michael Jackson. We all have our limits.

  10. Hal, putting himself to fullest possible use; the least any conscious entity can do.

  11. I had no idea there were that many treatments. Are they weekly? I agree, there will be much to celebrate this xmas and let's flush 2012 down the loo and bring on 2013 xx


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