Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Squaring Up

Today after a long session at radioactive world, I had a final visit with the honkologist and raced to meet my sister and mum for coffee in her favourite Paddo bookshop. 
How appropriate to have this book poster hanging over our table. I do love a magpie and red but mostly my mates, related and otherwise, who have been so fundamental to surviving all this.

 Anticipating that I'll be too excited tomorrow to remember, I got a photo of the entrance to my radiation chamber which is called "the Outback". There are also a rainforest and a coral reef room, both of which I have lived near but the Outback was where I was born and spent some early years. I have colourful and fond memories of it. It was ironic and comforting to lie in there each day getting "sunburnt." These murals were painted by prisoners from Boggo Road back when it was a jail and not a tourist attraction.

Interestingly a couple of you savvy individuals mentioned the similarity between the blackboard countdown and a granny patchwork quilt. It was quite unintentional but I did start making squares when I finished the bag last week and hadn't drawn the connection. So this one will henceforth be known as the Radioactive Rug following the Chemo Quilt and Biopsy Blanket. They are stacked like pancakes bedside at the moment and now have a poetic purpose!

You know there has to be just a little excitement (or is it just relief) at attending the last of the eight month regime treatments.
Roll on 11 o'clock, Thursday!


  1. 8 months aye? Boy, what a road... Thinking of you tomorrow at 11! :-)

  2. I remember when you were concerned this would be going on over Christmas, congratulations on your excellent survival techniques, it is Thursday here already so, Yippee!

    However I am struggling with the concept that Boggo Road is a tourist destination!

    1. We finished early because I cajoled my lovely honkologist into doing the eighteen weeks hard core straight up not the drawn out gentler one with less drugs at a time. Definitely worth it!
      Boggo Road is also a week end market. Maybe they lock the kids in a cell while you browse. So much for you to do when you come back!

  3. Kick it to hell, sister!

    Good for you! I can't wait to see your new blanket. Could you crochet some eyebrows?! (Go on ...)

    1. Those rascals are already growing back. They must have pushed out the old brittle ones like molars do to baby teeth. I am such an interesting science project!

  4. Oooo! Just had a scary flash of your new monster eyebrows boring through.
    Are they curly?

  5. Not long and you'll be wiping that black board clean Annie. Maybe you already have...either way, Thursday's going to be a great day.
    I love your knitted squares, I'd keep them in a pile just like that if they were mine, although of course a blanket makes more sense.
    I must get me one of those Zero teapots. I've been meaning to for ages.
    Take care, have a good day today x

  6. Go You!

    Don't we have some talented criminals... but then, enough of us come from that stock so I guess it's not surprising...

    Love the stack of squares. grace

  7. Oh yay, one more square to crochet................and new soft eyebrows...well, there you go...!

  8. Yes, I thought you were crocheting a patch for each session of radiotherapy...


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