Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dr Jenny's Office

There is not a lot I'll miss about the hospital. There was the occasional happy surprise when a new piece of art appeared in a corridor...

Art or "eczema"

or when Dr Jenny had her new glossy monthly house magazines dropped off.
With the advent of smart phones there is no longer a need to cough and surreptitiously tear out a recipe or paint colour or fascinating article on Lucien Freud! Yes, I do read the articles.

"Sub dermal mass"

However there is something about those colourful gleaming houses that is a bit intoxicating. You know their owners are either obsessive compulsive or out of the country most of the year.

 "Cells Getting Reddy"

It's just nice to fantasise. See below- the boy with the pie-pod is on a most attractive Ikea covered box thing. I like that fabric and hadn't seen it on my last Ikea run. Possibly due to the fog of drugs I was floating on that day. Ikea on chemo drugs is pretty spectaculous!

"Boy with pie-pod"

I do love covering old Parker style TV chairs with new fabric too, except I went all Betty Beige during my last pregnancy and have yet to rectify the chairs. This one would suit nicely. Note again the accessory dog? That's where I'm going wrong in my styling. I have grubby childerbeasts on my furniture instead of nice, clean dogs.

"Dog with personal assistant"

We have this very stool bequeathed to us from elderly Bob, the best neighbour in the world, before he moved out. One of his boys made it at school and the eldest is now sixty. Mine is drab white and I'm liking this minty freshness very much.


Oh, for an enormous storage companion like this beasty. Where does one find a huge dresser like this to put all ones bits and bobs on in the kitchen? I know at least one of you has one of these. It has to be cheaper than another wall of built ins and we ARE living in a farmhouse of uncertain age. She prefers not to reveal her true age to us. We just know it was around the war years somewhere and leave it at that. Manners.
I could get the chairs too for when I move into my post- modern, post chillun house...when I'm eighty or Hell freezes over! Either way.

"Argh! My pumpkins are out of order!!!"


  1. Oh love all the house-y mags. Every article seems to have a cat or dog making itself right at home on the designer furniture. but I always wonder whether they use the lounges, ottomens and rugs to sharpen their claws or drag themselves along on their bellies.
    Loving the kitchen dresser. Need another one here to house all the pyrex i think.

  2. I haven't bought an interiors magazine for ages. Some I like. Some drive me made with their contrivedness. They're all styled within an inch of their lives. Deceptive really.

  3. You are hilarious. Maybe I need to trade my scruffy kidlets in for well groomed dogs too. But then, I couldn't afford a new couch good enough for the dogs. Will stick with who we have and even keep the couches... for now. And Ikea on chemo drugs does sound intense... You make me laugh. grace

  4. I like your beige coverings, they allow for bright cushions and rainbow throw rugs. Is that too house magazine-like? i haven't read one in 6 months and I think I will keep it that way. They always make me feel quite uncool by comparison and there are too many images of gorgeous families wearing frayed end jeans with no shoes, collecting eggs on their Byron Propery.

  5. Thanks for a good morning chuckle. Do show us your minty stool makeover.

  6. I envy all things 'housey' at the moment - right now, we don't have our own and I'm desperate to get back into looking at interiors. I spend my life looking at other people's places and the emphasis is very much on location and quality of build. Love your alternative titles for the art and the style shots!!

  7. I am attempting to stop buying house mags. But I do like the art. It's a dilemma. Thanks for saving me a couple of $$$ with your pics. I've had my fix. (Wish I could think of something incredibly witty to write now that rhymes with 'icks'.)

  8. I can just see you at 80, still gorgeous, and covered with grand- and great-grandchildren, plus all their pets. Of course, you will have your chairs, but the children and dogs will cover you with sticky hands, not your furniture (and hell will not be cold)!

  9. Yes, I too can picture you at 80 with all your hair.
    I'll leave my zimmer frame to you.

  10. I love how you harmonize art and medicine. You are queen of the punny.


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