Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Something old.

These tulips were $3 because they were a bit past their use by date...but aren't we all?

Something new.

This is a new evening project that I'll show you more of soon. The crochet bug really has me in its hold lately. If you search around you can learn something new each time you make something.

 Something borrowed.

This could also be titled, "Youth with Euphonium", "Boy with Baritone" or "Teen with Tuba". Either way he is so ready to ditch it which is a shame after four years. Why do they give primary school children instruments to play that they don't like and won't continue with? Why???

You- phone- me- mum!

Something blue.

This malevolent beasty was spied swimming the perimeter of the pool this morning. The wildlife is have a most leisurely time in there of late. The gormless critter will be disposed of by the Big Fella post haste when he gets home. 

If I find one under the house I will gingerly place a bucket over it until somebody else deals with it. They are one of my pet hates. More than bush turkeys! In fact if you put them in a coop together they might just do each other in. We rarely find them up here on the ridge. There are more down closer to the creeks.

Forgive me, overseas readers, but these nasty things were introduced to our sunny shores in a huge environmental bungle decades ago and now have reached plague proportions. They are the amphibian cockroach in these parts!

Prehistoric streamlining. Dive deep, Mr Ugly, 'cos we're a-coming for you!

To finish on a prettier note: finally, a cool breeze!


  1. strong dettol and water mix in a spray bottle will despatch your problem critter, but might be an idea to contain said nuisance first as the dettol will send it bonkers before it hops away and dies somewhere, and of course stinking the place out

  2. They are my pet hate also. Many a mad dash screaming up the path to the front door has been made. As you know we are not on the ridge but quite close to the creek. You are much braver than me. I can't even get close before I start gagging. They truly are vulgar critters.
    To finish on a brighter note also, I love Shorty in the last photo on your last blog. we really should twirl more often. I watch my number three skip up to school and wonder when it will stop because number two no longer skips and number one,well, he just seems to stomp, mind you he was never much of a skipper, dinosaurs don't skip.

  3. Here's that joke I promised a couple of blogs ago.

    Q.What are Hundreds and Thousands?
    A.Smartie Poo

    Another of my friends cheer me up favourites is

    Q. What is yellow and smells like Banana
    A. Monkey vomit

    Not so sure about this one, they are obviously meant to be funny in a lame sought of way. Anyway the first made me laugh and stop the chin quiver.

    1. Thank you, Paula, for your jokes .
      What a way to start the day with a huge belly laugh.

  4. I detest cane toads. Detest them. I can't even run-over them in my car because the thought of cane toad on my tyres makes me disgusted. When I worked late at night as a journalist in Mossman, the cane toads would block my path from the newsroom to the outside toilet. The hippy manager would go out before me and pick them up by one of their rear legs and whack them against the brick wall. Killed them everytime and she cleared my path. Bless her.

    1. In the arly nineties I lived in Cairns and remember coming home at night to see the front lawn undulating and realizing it was a carpet of toads. We should exchange FNQUEENSLAND toad tales sometime!

  5. Cane Toads! Ewwww!
    Apparently they have been seen on this side of the WA border. That is scary. Carmel's comment makes me feel ill. I watched a documentary on Bush Turkey's once, they gross me out too. Best stay in WA then eh?
    My daughter was selected to play the trumpet. She hated it.

  6. Eeurrggh! Toads in your pool. How gross. Fortunately they don't come down this far (I hope). I would not cope well with such a find.

    Love the look of your new rainbow colored crochet project. I am practising my granny squares. I think I'm getting the hang of it. You're like crochet Yoda, Annie.

  7. I know about the cane toad problem but not much about the toads themselves. Would the pool water in any way negate the toxins.

    I had a boy with a you-phone-me-mum, which he abandoned in favour of the drum kit he still plays many years on! His grandfather bought it for him. His grandfather didn't have to live with the racket!

    Love the twirling short one pics :D

  8. Cane toads have just been found in Samoa, bloody awful things, how dare they come and invade my little paradise. They are the reason we don't have a pond/water feature at Coolum, we tried the big pot and they kept jumping in and giving me frights. I will miss the you-phone-me-mum tales but I can see it isn't a very cool looking musical instrument to play, however i am sure it has been character building none the less.

  9. Stunning crochet.
    Gorgeous colours and shapes. Love Shorty's colourful kite as well.
    She's the "dancing Queen"
    Two of my sons were "tested" to be musical!!!
    So they were then made part of the school band.
    Like the fool that I am, I went along with this new discovery.
    And being a fool, I bought one a trumpet and the other a saxaphone. New!!!!
    Their lips never touched the metal.
    But, it must have not been truly wasted.They still have the instruments.
    And one does guitar and the other drums.

  10. GaaaaHHHHH cane toads, some guy from the frog club in Brisbane said they need at least 15 inches of water depth to BREED, so keep your ponds shallow......also they can't jump any higher than 21 inches, so anything higher than that will keep them out.
    If you want a cool breeze.... up here on the mountain is the place to be, the temp is 6 BUT the wind chill factor has it down to 2....... yes 2 and it is 8.30 am and the sun is shining, so take a little drive, by 10.30 you could be op shopping in your snow jacket : )

  11. Naughty cane toad.
    There's tulips still blooming around here- they are such pretty flowers.
    Have a lovely day Annie.

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