Friday, October 12, 2012

Blinky Bill and the Mystery Crochet

I often find it difficult to sleep at night. 
So I crochet. 
It has been years since I last crocheted but the gentle repetitive hooking away has been soothing and satisfied the desire to make things without cleaning up afterwards.

It has been good in waiting rooms, hospital rooms, our room, the car, at the pool...pretty much anywhere. 

 Low energy, low cost, portable- what more could you ask of a sedative. Perhaps for it to be less addictive?

This one started about a week ago. 
There are a few components which are just about ready to assemble.
Can you  guess what it is?

The bedspread distracted me from the crochet. 
Did you notice it too? It was squirrelled away in the linen cupboard and was the first thing I grabbed to throw on the floor for Shorty this morning. 

It was given to me years ago by a friend who was fairly sure she wasn't keeping it for children any more. It had been her older brother's and he would have to be sixty by now.

It used to be on Fishy's bed when he was a little fellow.
 Lala had other girly bed toppers that she preferred. So it went away to hibernate for a few years. Now it might be just the thing for Shorty if we ever get her new bed organised.

It has a few spots of mould on it. 
Does anybody have a failsafe method of removing mould from fabric without damaging the colours or old cotton fabric?


  1. Those little flowers are lovely, and that fabric is so sweet! Ada :)

  2. Reading your blog is making my fingers itch to do something more creative than cooking. I feel the urge to dig out my old craft bag.

  3. Perfect bedspread from yesteryear.
    Not sure about removing mould, but you could try dropping a tot of your nightly martini on it????

    1. Not sure about the mould either but the nightly martini is a good idea!

  4. No idea about the mould either. Loving that you have the crochet bug and that fabric is fantastic. Not much crafty happening over here, all my creative energy is going into reno plans and decluttering, still. mel x

    1. Reno plans sound pretty creative to me. I wish!
      We can't continue renovating the house till I finish renovating myself and get back to work!

  5. I think your making a scarf? Head band, Boot toppers, Hand bag ??? Love your flowers, I noticed them in your last post. I've been making some lately too. I super glue them onto everything!! Crochet is so therapeutic I agree, I carry mine with me everywhere just in case I just might get a few minutes to hook, never usually happens but I still don't leave home without it.
    Try Oil of cloves for the mould. I just bought some recently form ebay for old mouldy baby toys... Haven't tried it yet though but it is suppose to work!
    Take care xo

  6. Love all the bright colourful things you have been making lately, my guess is a bag.
    I have a book from my local library called " kyuuto, japanese crafts,amigurumi" written by Tomoko Takamori, it is full of very cute crochet animals, that look pretty easy to make.

    1. You got it, Margaret! It is a bag I don't need but made for the sake of making it!
      I have a lot of amigurumi on my Pinterest board to make 'one day'.

  7. At least half a dozen times a week I seem to write on a blog 'I really wish I could crochet properly', and here I go again! Maybe I shall have a duvet day tomorrow, nurse my foul cold, and deploy my hook!

    Was Blinky Bill a story book character?

    1. Annie, the way you knit, crochet would be very easy for you.
      It is one of those things where you can learn as you go and there is so much detailed instruction on line now.
      I love that there is only ever one stitch! You can't drop them!

    2. Yes, Blinkie Bill was a series of stories written in the early 1900's by May Gibbs, about a cheeky baby Koala,the stories were intended to teach children to take care of the bush and have respect for the animals.The original drawings in the books are just beautiful.


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