Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Spring is very much sprung. 
Six flowers a-blooming...

Two boys a-building

 One Big Fella a-channelling his inner Scot to attempt a dry stone wall...

and one Shorty playing tea parties in the cubby. The cubby was built for the twins' third birthday so it must be enjoying its tenth anniversary. Fortunately, Shorty and her posse have given it a lease of new life, rescuing it from the chickens plans for redevelopment. The feathered co-op still occupy the cubby basement flat whilst Shorty is renovating upstairs.

This apple is falling quite close to her paternal tree.

Would you care to partake of my sandy pie?

Perhaps some sand ice cream? Is that a possum poo in my brûlée?

This sand tea is making me thirsty...

The dingly danglies were made a looong time ago when the big boys were little. They may need some maintenance. As does the hair, Thistle Top. This could be a job for the ubiquitous bunting, a brush and some threading games...


  1. The sand tea photo is very sweet.

    Happy Spring!

  2. Mmmm I love a bit of sandy pie, although we dont have the possum scat here, only rabbit...which makes for good sultana substitute...

  3. Shorty just gets cuter.
    I've been thinking about dry stone walls a lot lately.
    I know you think I'm fudging. But truly I'm not.
    I love them. I think they have an enormous influence on the beauty of the British country side.

    1. You're right there. Our first foray out of London was to the Lakes District and my best memories there are of the leafy little roads lined with dry stone walls, a pub called 'The Drunken Duck' and the Cumberland pencil factory!

  4. Looks like fun to be had by all! Ada :)

  5. Lovely pictures, looks blissful :-). And who couldn't warm to a post with labels such as 'possum' and 'poo'?

  6. I love Shorty and her imagination!

  7. I love Shorty's dress. Is it one of your creations?

  8. Aha a dry stone wall, I can do that! (I can, I have a certificate to prove it, and a handful of walls to my name, if they're still standing, it was a while ago.)

    Shorty's not so short these days! Just as cute though :D

  9. That looks like a great cubby. Ugh, possum poo. It's a bit of a trap for young players around here, too.

  10. Ohh I love a good dry stone wall. Your hubby looks to be doing a good job.

  11. Clever big fella, did Shorty sprout up over night, she is looking all grown up all of a sudden

  12. Look at the Big Fella go, love that wall. And how cute is Shorty!


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