Monday, October 15, 2012


Saturday found us meeting with friends at the park for a champagne and some tasty morsels. All was pleasant until the chillun found this. Not a very tasty morsel unless you are a magpie or crow.
You know the drill. "Can we keep it, Mum?"

"We don't know what to feed it."
"Yes! We can dig for worms!"

I insisted it not come back to our house.
Here it is in Lala's bedroom.
The other mummies had flicked me the bird, so to speak.

I told them foundling animals should not be handled too much. I suggested they might catch bird lice. 
Everybody but one boy held it for hours. He started itching at my mere words and ran to take a shower.

She bonded with it.
She even told Lairy that it crawled out of its nest and into her hand during the night while she was sleeping.( Raise sparse eyebrows here.)
The local Wildlife place told us to take it to a vet to try and save it. 
She came home from the delivery very quiet then burst into tears.
We had a philosophical discussion about how she had been just like a mother to it and how mothers have to sometimes do what's right for their babies not themselves.

 Today I found this.


  1. Oh dear me, that is so precious. Here I am thinking it's easy being a kid. Most certainly not. A lovely story :)

  2. Oh, what a gorgeous, gorgeous girl you've got there Annie.

  3. Oh...and she didn't even hold the poo on the bed incident against the bird. Now that's a Mother's love! xx

  4. Oh dear. Churpie. What happened? Is he/she alive? This is tragically reminiscent of the 40s and 50s.

    1. 40's and 50's? They don't tell you as they have too many to be able to follow up. Do you think they really try and make them better?

  5. Very sweet and one of life's tough lessons indeed. x

  6. What a kind, sensitive girl. A hard lesson for such a small one. Hope Churpie made it.


  7. Aaaaaaauuuuuuugh! (can you hear my heartfelt sob of anguish and empathy - remembering my very own baby bird trauma at the same age)

  8. How very sweet, and heartbreaking. What a wonderful girl you have, and her writing is exceptional!

  9. Vale Churpie.
    Dear, dear Lala.
    How heart rending!.
    The tragedy reminds me of a very small miracle which happened years ago in the back yard one Saturday family BBQ.
    My youngest son was saying he would like a canary.
    And as soon as he said that - a canary flew to us.
    This is a true story.
    We caught it and bought a cage.
    Eventually, during its care one of them left the door open.
    Vale Squeekie.

  10. Bless her heart.

    I have a friend here who works for the RSPCA. They take a lot of birds in and they are all vet assessed. If their chances of survival are deemed high enough they will work to save them. So Lala's story could have a happy ending she just won't ever know for sure.

    But if one day a little bird sits singing on her window sill ...

  11. Oh no so sad - I really feel for her - that last sentence of her letter makes me want to cry too :-(


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