Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hot Vanilla Teeth

After they finished swimming yesterday I hosed them off.

This may well be illegal here at the moment.  I no longer follow the water usage laws as I have just rediscovered the hose. 

Running around under the hose seems to still be as much fun as it was back in the olden days,

back when a tarpaulin wading pool filled with hot bore water had to cool down so we didn't scald ourselves. That was ironically out in the desert town of Cunnamulla. Yup! Julia Creek and Cunnamulla. The origin of the species is revealing itself.

My clearest recollection about that pool was pouring white enamel paint into it and watching the lovely marbling effects on the water's surface before climbing in with the little brothers to coat ourselves.  I learnt that I like how paint behaves and that turpentine hurts when rubbed hard on the skin by exasperated parents who resemble the Kennedys in looks if not in assets!

These two felt the same way about water as we did, rolling and skipping and splashing in it.

The concrete driveway has many more uses than we could ever have anticipated.

They slept very well- inside the house.

Now to my latest epicurian discovery. It's probably been around a while but I've been in food exile and only saw it on Jamie Oliver's Thirty Minute Meals. (Thirty minutes with no interruptions and ten assistants and the best stocked pantry in Eurocentral and maybe a slightly hyperactive cook...)

This stuff is just plain pretty as well as tasting amazing. Look how it swirls into fluffy white cream for the ubiquitous afterschool pikelets. The Philistines asked why there was dirt on their food! Just eat it!
There should be a T-shirt with the Nike logo printed on it and the words, "Just Eat It!" emblazoned underneath.

Or in the case of the mother who wasn't paying attention when her short one asked if she could have this glass of water, "Just drink it!" Shorty obediently obliged then added as an aside, "I finished but I didn't drink Fin's teeth mum." Thank goodness because we threw the last tooth out. The tooth fairy will have to sell a kidney soon.

But even better than playing under the hose in 33 degree heat or thick vanilla syrup or tooth fairies with bank loans is this....



  1. Didn't know where we were headed with Hot Vanilla Teeth, but what a great post!
    Corker water photos.
    Kids rolling in enamel paint ... my blood runs cold at the thought.
    And yes, vanilla bean paste is the good stuff.

  2. Im liking that coloured in blackboard quilt very much, cant wait to see it finished.....x
    I just filled the pool out side , 30 degrees here in SA today, and the little one asked me to put hot water in it.............sigh........maybe she needs to move to Julia Creek?

  3. How mad your parents must have been over the white paint! Wowsers, that's a good story.
    Woohoo for 2 more days :)

  4. Love the paint story, the dancing girls and the vanilla... had to laugh at the tooth... and smiled really hard at the TWO TO GO sign!!!

  5. Like the concrete driveway, not sure if I have seen it before, does it go all the way down to the studio room under the house?

    1. I wish! It was a June addition. There was probably a large mound of dirt there when toy were last up.

  6. Lovely shots of your girls playing under the hose.
    I think i'll have to get some of this vanilla bean paste.

  7. Children and hosepipes, the perfect combination! Ada :)

  8. Yum, looks like you're serving up some gourmet afternoon teas at your place.

    Lovely photos of your girls playing with water.

  9. Playing under the sprinkler was all the go when I was a kid, although we did have one of those canvas pools too (thanks for reminding me Annie. Thrilled that you're 'colouring in' is almost at an end, and that Shorty didn't swallow her brother's teeth. Ewww!

  10. tooth fairy has early onset dementia here apparently (sigh)

    I remember as a small child, bawling, standing in the old cement laundry tub (along with the cat and the dog) covered in thick molasses. We'd followed dad down to milk the cow, and the drum exploded just as we walked by. Apparently it washes off with water, but was a bit hard to remove from hair, so you can well imagine how happy both the cat and the dog were by the time mum got done with the bellowing child!

  11. I bought that vanilla stuff too when I saw Jamie O use it! Great minds think alike! Fools seldom differ!
    Only two more tans! Yay!

    1. Don't you just want to get him to sit down and breathe into a paper bag!?

    2. I know, I get so stressed out watching him!

  12. Yeugh (hot), yum (vanilla), yuck (teeth). And a huge Yay! for that last shot :D

  13. Lala and the short person bonding tickles me.
    I'm still gagging from the nearly swallowed tooth.
    So you're a country lass.

  14. Tooth water! Aarrgh! Mine love being hosed on the trampoline - we don't have a pool but we just spread ourselves around the neighbours who do! Yay for only two more squares to colour in, made me think you should have done a granny square a day and you would have had a throw to use at the end, seeing all those coloured in squares. mel x

  15. oh, I feel a bit icky after the tooth water bit. Bloody 30min meals- takes me about an hour, and my kid knows not to interrupt or she'll go hungry! !5min meals must be jamie taking another line of coke before he starts filming (c'mon, we're all thinking it aren't we?)


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