Sunday, September 30, 2012

A little bird told me....

It's been quiet here with the holidays so we have been nesting. For me that means crocheting. It's easy, I don't have to clean up after a session and I can just do a little or a lot as I feel like it.

So I thought I'd flick you the bird's eye view on how to feather your nest....

 with a bird in the tree being worth one in the crochet.

 The early bird...

 catches the nest.

Empty nesters....

should always count their Noahs before they hatch! I always knew those Noahs were cuckoos!

(* this nest is made from a cheep ball of sale wool from Spotlight called Jazzy and a pattern that was loosely based on the bowls from the last post. )


  1. I think Noah and Mrs Noah are looking might cosy in that there nest, I think they are having snuggles in there!

  2. This is lovely!!! I have fringe-yarn in my stash. May I copy your idea? So lovely! I don't mind it's fall here. :-)

    1. Go for it. Show us how it goes! The fuzzy wool is very forgiving. I didn't know where that hook was going for the last half of the nest!

  3. The green bird just loves the nest and appears to not be too happy with the Noah's commandeering it.

  4. Always love stopping by your blog!



  5. That's brilliant! Little Easter baskets. That what it reminds me of.

  6. I love this! That wool is perfect for a nest and I would love a whole stack of those as well now. At the rate you're going, you could join Blogtobefest and Post about your creations daily!!!

    Mel x

  7. Very cute. I've been admiring the fish quilt, too. I'm on the lookout for "boy fabrics" for a baby quilt.

  8. I just love that cheep little nest!

  9. Those nests are adorable (and the baskets in the post below are great too)!


  10. I see Sam and Ruthy Noah have raised their pushy heads.
    What a pair of sneaky arkites. I wish that green bird had more of a beak to give them each a killer bite.
    Nests should catch on in these challenging times. Real estate needs a timely boost.
    However one must always remember that early birds catch worms - an itchy disease to treat.


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