Saturday, September 22, 2012

Meet the Treebles.

Friday I had mother guilt.
I was dog tired. This cancer treatment thing is so very inconvenient.
The Short one came in and said nobody would play with her. The big boys were being pod people on their first day of holidays. Cyber zombies!
The game she wanted to play is fairly tedious to be honest.

Both players get a quandong seed and take turns to roll it. Then you pick a random number and count it out on a numberless board. Get it? After three rolls I get drowsy so we decided to make stuff instead.

1. Toilet rolls and googly eyes found deep in the cobwebby art cupboard.

2. Fabric scraps cut into rough rectangles.

3. Glue the frocks on the t.p. rolls.

4. Observe that baldness is not a bad look even on a toilet roll person. Shorty disagrees. So...

5. Make pom pom hair. Roll it round your hand, tie it in a bundle...

and let the kiddo cut hair legally that is not her own.

6. Test run. The Short one wants more face parts and frilly bits from the sewing box.

 Finally! There are only six here but after a long time in the Loo of Isolation (laundry loo), a teenager provided us with another blank t.p. body.

 Each one  represents a member of our family. Who will be Mother???

It seems these two are the parents of the toilet roll feebles. Treebles? One is a bit of a clown and the other has pink crossed eyes. That must be me.

It was their fifteen year anniversary the same night. The Big Fella got a roast dinner, his own bathroom cleaned from top to bottom and a 3D family portrait made by his own Shorty Mc Snorty. We were both asleep by nine o'clock!
His flowers uncannily match the Treeble's hair colours. A match made in Heaven?

Happy Anniversary Big Fella! x


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I love the Treebles. I picked the crazy purple haired one as you even before you told us the crazy purple haired one was you.

    I feel for you being so sick and still having to soldier on. It's not fair sometimes.

    I had to laugh at the loo of isolation. I wish we had one, and I'd banish all males to it, and not just for 'special occasions'!

    Shorty's growing up, isn't she?!

    1. Really, I'm not so sick now. This week end is the "wellest" I've felt in months as its the longest I've been without chemo since April.!

  2. We need a loo of isolation at our house desperately.

    One toilet does not cut the mustard (although I know, one is better than none)

    You're a great Mum to make Treebles with your daughter when you feel like you know what.
    I admire you Annie. Alot.

    1. Better to make treebles than acknowledge many baskets of homeless laundry.
      The Loo of Isolation may well be the last sanctuary in the house!

  3. Here's to wedding anniversaries and to you for not just playing the tedious game, a family portrait to remember.

  4. You've packed quite a bit into 15 years my friend. Here's to 50 more!

  5. The treebles are great. And that look on her face!
    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.
    As always

  6. These are great! Just what every girl ( big and small) needs! Hope you manage to get some rest amongst all the creativity! Ada :)

  7. Only 15 years? Unless I've got my numbers wrong I'm only a smidge older than you and I've packed in way more than that! Well someone has to do the whole child bride thing ;)

    Which one's Shorty?

    Okay, tired is not so good, but better than you were ... that's what I like to hear my friend x

    1. She is the one with pink hair...of course! I was the eldest of nine so it took me a while to get interested in marriage and babies after that. Then I got carried away!

  8. Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated 15 years this week too.

    Your little people are so adorable. Nice work mama.

  9. That Shorty's a lucky girl having a creative mama. For much of their little lives I followed the no glue, no paint, no glitter mantra for my team. Poor deprived little cherubs. Enjoy the school holidays, time to hit the pool I think if the weather here's any indication. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    1. I have always run to the paint and glue to keep them occupied and quiet when new ones were sleeping. You have livestock to entertain yours! Kid heaven!

  10. Annie, all credit to you - and a very happy anniversary.
    You say you felt guilty - please don't!! If only for my sake. I have no excuse for being tired, have only just over half the kids you have and mine have all gone back to school...I suddenly feel unburdened. Thank you. Axxx

  11. Happy anniversary you two.
    Cute creating.

  12. Congrats on achieving another anniversary.
    They are in the air. How many more do we have?
    Nothing like an empty toilet roll hot from the production line.
    I picked you as purple hair as well.
    You must be transparent to one and all.
    Sympathy here for the continuing assault on your immune system.

  13. Annie, Congratulations on 15 years. Roast Dinner, my hubby would agree it doesn't get much better than that!

    And now I'm feeling some Mother Guilt - we've just finished our 2 weeks holidays and not a single glue stick in sight. These things don't come naturally to me unless I see a Post like this for inspiration. These Treebles are so cute, so if I can get the little boys to sit still long enough I might give them a crack - no shortage of empty toilet rolls in this household! Glad I'm not the only one who names their toilets - we have a designated "good toilet" and then "the boys toilet" :-)

    So glad you are feeling better. Mel xx

  14. Congratulations on your anniversary. The treeble family portrait is so cute. Love the colourful hair. I feel like breaking out the glue and googly eyes here now.

  15. Happy Anniversary to you and the Big Fella! Treebles are just too cool! I want to make a treeble family too!


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