Monday, September 10, 2012

Pass the Parcel

Remember the parcel?

I do love packages that open up in layers like peeling an onion.

You can savour the anticipation that bit longer.

No. Not an Air Mac.

The back cover!

The front cover...

The inside cover...

The title page...

The neighbours...

Celebrity hooves, Bulgarians and New Zealanders...

Samoans at the beach, Scots in the snow...

Teeny newborn toes.....

Dotty toes....

Darwinian and intellectual toes...

Arthouse toes...

Spanish toes and sister's toes with a glimpse of Sydney Harbour...

Kissy friends toes... moowah! X

This is just a sample of this heart squeezing book. Lala has taken it to bed with her ever night since it was opened.

Thank you, my beautiful friend, Anna! Thank you to all of you who took time and contributed! Who'd have thought something so beautiful could come out of something so difficult. Life is funny that way.

We will cherish it...


  1. ♥♥♥
    I'm smiling inside and outside.

  2. Just lovely! So glad you finally got it and at the end of all the keeno crab at that. Smiling for you! :-)

    1. That should have been 'crap' and not crab of course... ;-)

    2. The timing was just perfect!!!

  3. What a treasure: Both friend and gift!

    1. Absolutely true. Both will be treasured for a long time to come!

  4. Wonderful toes, what a fantastic gift Anna has put together. We were so excited to see our 'Spanish' toes - all of them from the 'little Spanish pueblo' of Huddersfield (north of England) in reality though some of them do now reside in Spain. We had friends visiting and everyone gladly joined in, including the teenage boys. Go from strength to strength now, Annie - in your own time and in your own way.

    1. Of course! Huddersfield, Spain! I'm on the way, Annie, baby steps...

  5. What a fantastic friend you have! I just LOVE the book! Ada :)

  6. Replies
    1. I do miss making you cry in person! You big softie! x

  7. Anytime, lovey. Just get yourself better now. That's all we want. From the top of our heads to the tips of our rainbow toes. xxx

  8. Oh my goodness, that is brilliant! I even spot my own toes in there. Anna -what an incredible idea :)

  9. I shall never take a toe for granted again.
    They shine on with so much love.
    Thank you Anna.
    Bliss for you Annie.

  10. What good timing for this wonderful and inspirational memory to arrive now! So pleased to have been a part of this and how clever of you to create this rainbow from those months of the keeno "journey". You have the best friends by the way, melx

  11. It looks fantastic!! She is a treasure that Anna!

  12. You have such beautiful friends...! xx

  13. It looks amazing! And so beautifully put together.

  14. Tissues please......Great job Anna, what a beautiful friend you are! xx

  15. I feel like I have known about this for ever! And now you have it, and what an awesome thing it is!! Three cheers for Anna, and for all the rainbow-toers!!! And bless Lala's heart :)

  16. That sure is one pretty special book you have there Annie, I can't wipe the smile of my face, you must have been gobsmacked! Well done Anna! ice to see Laura's toes made the pages, they aren't so small anymore though... I think of you often Annie and hope you are feeling well.
    All the best
    Karen xo

  17. Dearest Annie,
    I visited you last evening, but left without knowing what to write. With so much colourful love... it is quite overwhelming. I often think about you, and then a lot of things I can't seem to put into writing. Good things, sad things, lonely things. Living in the middle of nowhere with no nailpolish, I now wish I had been a bit more creative and used ink, or paper and glue.
    Hurrah for Anna, for you and for every single toe!

  18. Just brilliant! See what good things you draw out of people. Funny old tootsies. Lots of solidarity. Strength. Symbolism. The kindness of strangers. Keep that fightin' spirit girl. High five!


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