Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hello, old friend!

Hello, Food, my old friend. How I have missed you! Today we reunited tentatively after a strained relationship for the last few weeks and particularly these last awful days.

I had been dreaming about  you in the wee hours but knowing the time was not right for us to be together again- yet.

This morning the hunger overcame the nausea and triumphed.
My friend, Jane, says you do notice the little things more and it has been all about you today, Food.

The way double cream fluffs up in a bowl when danced into a joyous cloud by my other neglected companion, Kitchenaid. I played with that cream for five minutes or so folding it and swirling it.

Then I realised that pikelets can be truly sensual. Lairy thinks I need to get out more but have you noticed how the bubbles form so daintily in the batter and, when its a good aerated batter that has been given time to rise, they make that fat generous plop as you flip them on their backs and they puff up. Delightful!!!

                                                                                                                                                         Petals of pikeletty rounds waited to fulfil their destiny, the buffer between me and the hungry after school horde.

Then came the time for my first meal  back in your world, Food. I had been thinking about it since Sunday when I made it for the Big Fella's Father's Day breakfast.

It was also the day we broke up, Food, and I could not bear to see you till yesterday when our mutual friend, Stomach, acted as mediator and got us on speaking terms again.

So we meet again via caramelised bananas with strawberries and bacon on a puffy pikelet with a drizzle of maple syrup. I promise I will never leave you for Keeno again. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Speaking of beautiful friendships...this mysterious and fabulous thing has been waiting to be opened until I was out of the chemo cave! It is a most special and gorgeous object and many of you are involved. I will tell you about it very soon when I have recovered enough to give it the attention it so deserves. Amazing!!!


  1. Drop scones to the Welsh ... what a great way to reignite a passion for Food!

    Loving the note that 'as many as you' like should not exceed six ... I shall henceforth apply the same rule to those little squares of Green & Black's chocolate ;)

    Open the parcel woman ... we're all longing to see!

    1. I only limited them to six so there would be some left for the others. My kids are all built like whippets! I am a merciless carb loader (on them, not me!)

  2. All lovely - so brightens my day to check in here. Great photos, great tucker, adorable note and noice penmanship. 'No more than 6' heh, heh :o)

    ps. What IS it in the Express Post pack????? Hurry up with that recovery.

  3. Yum, pikelets with jam and cream! Glad to hear your appetite's back.

  4. Your piklets look so pro Annie, mine are always burnt around the edges. And rubbery.
    Tonight for dinner we had caramelised red onion tart, yummy enough, but the real taste sensation were the roast carrots with cumin seeds we ate with it. I've never eaten carrots with cumin before, what a revelation! Just mentioning this in case you haven't tried them either - now that you're feeling like eating again you might like to give them a whirl.
    Your mysterious parcel of love looks very interesting...
    Love your table cloth. Here's to a weekend of pigging out.

  5. What a wonderful 'break-fast' Annie. Stomach has far too intense a relationship with Food at this end and I do have to try and keep them apart from time to time. Nothing too sensual, who knows where that would lead. But Eyes (who also play a part) did enjoy your delicious combination. May relationships at your end blossom and take wing and provide you with great health, long life and much love.

  6. Hi, when you get a couple of minutes, please pop over to my blog, I would like to give you an Award! Thanks Ada :) x

  7. Hey hey. On my way back from Sydney today and my stomach is screaming - no more! Holiday food has been glorious but is ultimately unsustainable, no? So glad you're back on the food wagon and off the keeno one! I think I need to get off the food one and jog alongside for a while - I can chat and run ( for a bit, anyway).

  8. I'm glad you're eating again. I had a dream about you last night, and the doctors in it were all High-Fiving at your progress! I was there in the room, so I know.

    You are a very good cook, and your pikelets look perfect! Glad to see the Big Fella's reading the Boden catalogue. He's a man after my own heart, bless him.

    You are a strong woman. I have any parcel I receive ripped open even before the poor postman has had a change to put it on the front step. Can't wait to see the contents of yours.

    1. The Big Fella would think the boden was a coffee pot. That was my quiet school day brunch. Those doctors had better start high fiving as I'm getting very bored with the whole thing!

  9. Greetings, I have popped over from Ada at Vintage Sheet Addict, to say congratulations on receiving the Leibster Award and to have a boo at your blog. I'll be back. I want to know what is in the parcel. ;)

  10. You're amazing! To be functioning with so much cheerfulness with such a lack of food these past weeks. Love your note and your cooking and I can't wait to see the contents of the package either. Onwards and upwards my friend. Mel xx


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