Monday, September 17, 2012

Council Pick me Up

On the way to yet another breast related appointment last Saturday, I was feeling cynical, fed up and mourning the big bucks I had just forked out for some lymphatic massage. (Don't ask.) The lights changed and I crossed the road to meet this 'sign' plonked at the end of the crossing. 
Non- Brisbanians note there has been a delightful project underway for years for artists to decorate the electrical boxes near traffic lights.

It was time for a photo and a deep breath. What's not to love? It's how you look, not what you see. This very ordinary intersection has some great lines in it. If I can find a fine line ink pen somewhere, I will follow the urge to draw this. It's been a while but a red light got me to STOP and think about it.

The week end was full of life loving me. The sight of sleeping chillun always gives me pause to be thankful.

 Even the primary school party circuit was fun this week end. One was a dress up party. Lala opted to go as a rugby player. For once I appreciated her tom boy tendencies a it was the easiest costume ever and she won best dressed. LIke Nicole Kidamn in that movie where she wore a big rubber nose and got an Oscar, they'll give you a prize for anything if they think you've sacrificed your pretties for your art.

 So I was blithely skipping through the week end loving life and, would  you believe, it started loving me back via the local council collection.
Remember the Icky-yaya (Ikea) chair? I found it a companion a few doors up in perfect condition!

This one ended up back by the bin after the Big Fella saw it until I explained that it was me that had found it not the chillun and that I would perform magical feats to restore it to funky loveliness. He rolled his eyes. Ye of little faith! Suggestions re colour and shades are welcome?

We have been looking for a wicker bedhead for Lala for a long time. This one was being carried out by a woman who said she was finally dismantling her grown up daughter's room.

Here it is in situ. Lala wants to paint it yellow or turquoise. The latter matches her room better. Thoughts???

 'Tis a bit shabby chic with the lime wash. Not that there's anything wrong with that!!!

 Throw in a little West German Tiger, Tiger burning bright.....

 a  summer hat from a friend and a new crochet project and I was feeling well loved by life. 

Just as well as I have the first radiotherapy session today and then every day for the next six weeks. BUT it doesn't make you sick and it's quick. You've got to love that.

It's a sign...


  1. Good luck with the radiotherapy. Sending you positive thoughts all the way from Turkey.

  2. Wonderful post! Yes love life, I'm all for that! When I saw the chair I was thinking pale blue/turquoise, may be because that is what I'm about to paint mine!
    Good luck with the next round of your treatment! Ada :)

  3. We all need a pick-me-up at times.
    Wow council clean-up certainly delivered some treasures your way.
    The floor lamp looks interesting- maybe doily lamp shades.

  4. I love that first sign. I love life too but never really thought of it being a reciprocal relationship as such. I'm going to pay more attention now :-) Love all your goodies too, especially the bed head. I miss council clean-ups - they don't have them here. Everything goes straight to the Tip, which I guess consolidates my search to one spot :-) Turquoise would be a great colour in her gorgeous room, that's the colour my girl would like her whole room painted, maybe I can just paint a chair instead? Didn't realise you still had radiotherapy to go - all the best for the final treatments xx

  5. Gotta love life dontcha Annie.
    There's alot to love in this post too btw...
    handsome German,
    kiddo's who choose easy dress-ups (and win prizes!)
    council clean-ups (where people like us, clean - up!)
    sleeping children (and pics of sleeping children - my husband used to take pics of me and the girls sleeping when they were little and I was younger. He was usually booted out to the couch or one of their beds!)
    lovely lamps and bed-heads (I vote yellow)

  6. I vote yellow too. Because it's a cool word. Yellow yellow LELLOOOW!
    Well done you.
    Will call you and see how the radiotherapy went.

  7. I would have to vote yellow for the bed-head since I love the color and it always makes me smile. It is such a sunny, happy color that, for me, gives me back what I need.

    Good luck with the radiotherapy.


  8. Oh I know that man look so well and their silent shrug when one has rescued a cool piece of nostalgia. Nice blog Annie, I know that intersection and easy dress ups do often win the prize. What will radiotherapy produce in the blogging world of Miss Annie? I will be home for Christmas, can't wait to catch up.

  9. Yellow. Or how about lime? And that goes for the lamp as well as the bedhead, I'm in a citrus mood!

    A friend has just finished radiotherapy ... you'll be tired, so yes, do what that sign says! Good luck x

    I shall never look at a road junction in the same way again!

  10. Every day???? Now, that is a pain. And for 6 weeks???
    Poo to that.
    Is that chair the other day actually from the dreaded Ikea? I thought you were fudging.
    But now it has a mate, I would look to the cushions you are putting on them.
    The striped one pictured would inspire me to paint one orange and the other red. Particulary if the cushions match.
    The bedhead for gorgeous Lala?
    If she says yellow ,one has to respect that.
    In situ as you have it in her room, I would go for a yellow for main part and turquoise on the edging roll. And perhaps in the central diamond feature?

  11. Love the painted electrical box - what a great idea. Lovely sentiment, too. I'm looking forward to our annual council pickup. Should be sometime soon, I think. All the best for your radiotherapy treatment.


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