Monday, September 3, 2012


Spring has finally sprung in these parts with the most glorious of mild sunny days.It has also been heralded by many signs and you know how I love my 'signs'!
This bunch of blue lushness arrived on the last day of winter clutched in a little visitor's arms with yet another lovely meal. There is something about irises that just explodes with joy and spring and all things vibrant and new. 

The windows to the mountains were similarly vibrant on Saturday morning with Spring ringing in the blueness of the sky and blooming wisteria- already!

Of course, some see Spring as a time to set things in order.

 We were also celebrating my last visit hopefully, ever, to the keeno place. Since champagne and good food were not desirable, I expressed my happiness through a good pedicure with single coloured toenails. Ironically, a package arrived the next day containing another celebration which I suspect may contain many hued toenails from all over the world! When Anna dropped in Sunday it was still unopened. It will remain so until I feel well enough to open it without associating the keeno sickness with the contents. She apologised that it was late but I could not think of a more timely arrival than the week of the final treatment. I will share it with you when it is opened next week!

We did have a big week- end in spite of the keeno cloud. Our school celebrated its 100 year anniversary and it was just too much fun to miss. A lot of the celebrations have been compromised this year including the boys' concerts on Thursday and Friday nights. This time the good drugs were still on form for Saturday. There was a trash'n'treasure but no Bitossi this year although I was a bit taken with the shape of this little drawer set. It was already sold though.

What could be more Springy than baby animals drinking from bottles with that besotted newborn concentration...

and first timers on tea cup rides.....

 and first timers with fairy floss.

And FIREWORKS! I was grinning in the dark from ear to ear! It was a great celebration of one hundred years and spring and new life in many more ways than one!

Can you see the iris in this one?


  1. Aaahh the lovely time of year, soak up the time of renewal and your colourful book. Signs, signs, everywhere a sign.

    1. It's going to be a hot one Ms Julie! you'll feel right at home!

  2. Ooh, I love a good firework display, too. Congratulations on completing your keeno. Hope you're feeling better soon and enjoying that champagne.

    1. I will be such a cheap date! it's been ages since I've enjoyed a wee tipple!

  3. Love a good trash and treasure at a fete. I hope you will be feeling better soon. And if you do make it on Saturday, it would be lovely to meet you. xx

  4. I'm sure those fireworks were to celebrate the end of keeno!

  5. What a way to celebrate! Hope you get back to strength soon! Your body has been through a real battering so take things as easy as you can, well as easy as the children will let you! Take care, Ada :) x

  6. Yay for the end of keeno. Cannot wait to see what is inside that parcel. take care. melx

  7. Woohoo, 'Keeno's End'! (Sorry, that sounds like a dodgy movie title!)

    And fireworks, exploding like irises. The universe is celebrating with you :D

  8. Irises could be our new sign of renewal.
    Flowers get away with a "vulgar" splash of colour, don't they?
    So do fireworks.
    A great combination and right for now.
    As usual, I am intrigued by Shorty's regimented display.
    She is so in touch.

  9. Dear Annie, Bruce here, so glad to hear you are healing and it's great to see your blog ( I hate that term) bizarre events, I was at a funeral here in Samoa and couldn't help but notice the rainbow toes of some of the ladies present. Seems your positive energy flowed across the pacific? Anyway, big hugs to you and can't wait for the next episode of " walking down the stairs" , surely it will be bigger than dancing with the stars.
    Love to you

  10. Such vibrant colours - love the iris and love the fireworks and shame that nice little piece of furniture was already sold...

    Deep breath and calm thoughts for the last of the keeno. The last.

    Thinking of you and sending big hugs.


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