Friday, December 9, 2011

Bird calls

'I saw a little singer clad in scarlet plumage bright,
The poplar branches quivered by dawn's wind lightly blown,

And like a breeze-swept poppy-flower
The red bird rocked and shone...' Others were not as moved by the lovely creature.
"See the bird?"
from 'The First Red Bird' by Evaleen Stein


  1. What a gorgeous bird! And I don't mean you!

    Looks like the Summer holidays may be a long one.

  2. Amazing that you have pretty birds like that in your own backyard: awesome!

  3. Ditto MMMC. That bird is amazing. We don't have birds like that around here.

  4. Stop the press.
    I am definitely in love with your wild red parrot.
    He/she makes me feel like smiling.
    But, dear-o-dear!
    Yes, I do agree with MMMC.
    How many days have gone past since "break up"?
    How many to go?
    When's Christmas.


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