Saturday, December 31, 2011

My People!

I took a box of toddler treasures to Ron and Brian's. The karmic value was good. I left the shop with this $2 quilted lovely.I thought it might be a nice play mat for innocent toddler games,
that we could appreciate the clever stitchery and animal appliqué,
perhaps read a gentle tome or two.
Then they came, emerging at first tentatively from of the recesses of the room. The terrorist twins,
the subversive nanna,
the boho, political agitator,
the oppressed, laundry laden mama,
the underpaid zebra,
the charismatic odd ball,
all lined up by their leader...
missiles ready, expressions fixed and determined...
pawns in the hands of a greater power.
She has always called them 'my people' but I took it to be in a more congregational way rather than a revolutionary one. She relished the numbers she had rallied. "Two, two!" she exclaimed zealously, gesturing wildly...

before launching into a crazed marching dance around her Quiltenberg Rally.

My little despot!
Always an empathetic dictator, she takes time to observe the satellite state outside her window...
where the proletariat labours on obliviously. If you build it, they will come...


  1. A Bolshevik amid the rank and file, no less.
    And I was thinking -
    "Mary,Mary, quite contrary
    How does your patchwork grow?"
    "With ABC , revolutionary
    And workers' rights all in a row."
    Tell the biggun that his foothold is not very stable.
    We don't want Humpty Dumpty in the back yard as well.

  2. Your daughter is a little minx, isn't she?

    Clever too! Love seeing the odd Playmobil person.

  3. Doesn't your husband know what happened to Molly Meldrum?

  4. What a hoot that we both love Moffat Beach! We have been to Caloundra for our last 4 beach holidays, the last two at Moffat and it is just the best spot around. We are going back at Easter. Did you stay at Norfolks? We were at Raintrees - kind of 80's daggy but great position and pool and affordable this time of year. Your Christmas posts posts have been so vibrant both in colour and content= enjoyed them all. Your littlest is hilarious with her huge gang of toys rallying on the mat. melx

  5. Isn't it funny what they come up with when you leave them to their own devices. Love the mix of the little people - very inclusive.

  6. Be afraid. Be very afraid...

  7. DMC and FiONA: Humpty Meldrum is also wielding a power saw there but I say NOTHING!

    Zigsma: That's what she says.

    MMMC: I believe you gave us one of those Playmobil persons!

    BG: 80's daggy is my genre of choice in beach accommodation.

    CC: I liked the hard yakka yak in there- very sensible inclusion.

    Deb: Always!

  8. To the hilarious (in the nicest possible way) mother of the cutest despot out there, Happy New Year :D

    The time to really worry is if she organises a New Year march past of the assembled troops!

  9. Annie: All the best ones had mums too you know!

    Beckyp: Welcommen! It was a goody and so unexpectedly multifunctional!


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