Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Library Love!

Oh, my lovely library friend. How I have missed you and your curvaceous nooks where little sisters can peruse together,scenic views to soothe the savage mummy and a range of topics from skateboards to infidels where even twelve year old boys can find something to make them pick up a book.

I had forgotten in my lusty relationship with the internet, the joy of leafing through some exciting new tomes. The Vintage Crochet one is a winner and the boy loves the Manga drawing book. It is sufficiently swarthy to whet his appetite.
I had to laugh at the 'Just Can't Cut It' title as it seems to describe my inability to chop into a pillowcase perfectly.

Both of these are brilliant but the storybook one is luscious beyond words!
This got an A for effort as sexy boys in gritty city streets can even make a nanna cardi look cool.
They sat and READ! Not one bicker, request or complaint!!! They even offered to help me carry things including the book bags kindly provided by the library and the toddler kindly provided by cosmic karma. I did have an ulterior motive though.
This is the real reason we went. It is Can Amnesty time! If, like myself, you have a $50 fine from 2005, get your beetroot and condensed milk down to the local book nook and get yourself off the hook!


  1. Hey, that looks great. Good ol' Kenmore. People diss it ... but I think it's a fab suburb.

    I may have to think about bringing my lot there. The books you chose are awesome.

  2. Those look like great books. I love amnesty day at the library. I partake as often as I can. ;)

  3. Oh Annie!
    I hope the chillun helped carry all of those tins of food in for you.
    I'm anticipating that the library lady likes baked beans and spaghetti in cheese sauce.
    Seems more like a bribe than a fine.
    (Just kidding!)

  4. I think Kenmore gets hipper as it gets older. There are some great mid century houses there and then this cracker of a library. They had the entire Moomin collection when they opened as one of the head librarians who ordered books is a devoted Moominphile.

    Deb: I will be more consistent with my can donations from now on. I have been going to a different shire's library for years to avoid that fine!

    DMC: It is absolutely a bribe! Take this delicious tin of chick peas and I will allow you to not fine me $50.

  5. I'd never heard of a can amnesty before. Sounds like an excellent idea.


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