Tuesday, December 13, 2011


After the wet and wild final week of school, we are trying to have a quiet wind down week.

Sleeping in with friends...
Pondering life's mysteries...
Contemplating how lovely a small child's profile is when a little head drinks from a big cup...
Putting things back in place from the chaos of the last weeks...
Eating whatever, whenever like watermelon on the deck (in progress) for breakfast...
Enjoying sun, free time and the foetal position as a lazy summer unrolls. This photo takes me back about ten years and he WAS a kicky one!
Sleeping, resting, lazing, recovering...relaxing. The big ones have taken a few days to figure it out. If anybody would give me half a chance I'd show them how easy it is!
It finally feels like summer.


  1. Lovely post. Your childs are sweet. Happy Summer! brrr...

  2. Hoorah for holidays. Restoring sanity to families right across the country.

  3. Now that is a charming post.
    Small stuff's hair is gorgeous.
    I love to see people at rest.
    How peaceful.

  4. Love that last photo. I'm jealous of your start to the hols. I've been frantic here and kids have been watching tv. Not the perfect holiday...


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