Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baubles- Part 2

Here is the tweaked 'Ode to Mrs H with Magpies". Flossy's drink leaked on it and the wrapping paper got stuck but Mrs H said she liked the little bit of texture and wanted to keep it so she'd remember the boys and their toddler. She's sentimental that way! The magpies are my boys, wild things tamed into beautiful warblers and the sheet music was Pirates of the Carribean, their most favourite piece in Year 5. Tonight they played 'Smoke on the Water' again. Tastes change between 10 and 12 when mutinous musos ditch piracy for classic hard rock! Rock on, Mrs H, dude!


  1. It's gorgeous! You are a wonder.

  2. Love hearing 'Smoke on the water', esepecially by teenagers, very cool indeed. My son plays in the school's Jazz Band (electric bass) and they play some awesome big band pieces! :-)
    And what a great art piece you made there: rock on Mrs A.D.! ;-)

  3. What a fabulous gift. She must've been an exceptional teacher. Love it! xx

  4. Congrats for catching the glow.
    Do you need ear plugs for Christmas ?

  5. Such an amazing piece of art. x

  6. Deb: Just a one hit wonder. It doesn't happen often.

    CowRoad: If anybody had told me I'd be dabbing my eyes to 'Smoke on the Water', I'd have raised one eyebrow in disbelief.

    Brismod: She is quite a character, very strict and beloved by the kids.

    DMC: Growing up in a family of nine children, I am immune to Christmas noise. You would know the drill- five conversations at the table at once and you can participate in them all.

    Zara: I did give her hobbit feet but, it has to be said, she has got long toes for tapping.

  7. Hey! You did it! And actually gave it to her! I am here with my mini christmas pudds that didn't even make it to the teachers. They got Favourites instead.

  8. Anna: 'Tis truly a Christmas miracle!

  9. wow, great great painting! I love the rich colors and meaning.

    Also, wanted to explain all of the traveling my family does. My husband is a graphic designer and works on feature films. We homeschool our kids and so we follow him from show to show. Next we are going back to New Orleans. I'm offering a little giveaway in honor of this. Hop on over!


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