Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flower Power

I've been yearning for one of these little babies for a while now. So when CurlyPops put them on sale a few weeks ago, I could no longer resist. It finally arrived yesterday but I wanted to savour the opening. Little moments can be considerably better enjoyed without the Q and A brigade interrupting with requests for food and undies. So I dropped the boys off at the creek down the road and sent them for an adventure while I sat in the car with Snowy and slowly unpeeled my treasure.
I do love a present with layers!
This is one of the joys of mail presents, especially those from clever, creative wrappers. I even played some of my own wrap music in the car as I slowly unwrapped. Just look at the prettiness!
Underneath even the wrapping underwear was pretty, all hand stamped and brown papery.
There was some bubble wrap that may go in the dollhouse bath a la the MMMC dollhouse reno.
Et Voila! It has arrived in its glorious colourfulness and I got as much pleasure from unwrapping it in the empty car next to a quiet creek as I will have wearing it in years to come. Thanks, Ms Curlypops! It is beautiful.
If I made New Year's Resolutions, which I don't usually, it might be to appreciate more of the little things and to gather all those tiny moments of pleasure into one big marvellous 2012!


  1. Ooo, that's pretty isn't it? Cam's a doll.

    I don't make NY Resolutions either, but this year I may, just to see if it makes a difference.

    Can't wait to see you in your brooch.

  2. Awww that's the sweetest blog post ever! I'm so glad it arrived safe and sound (albeit a bit late Aussie Post)!
    I loooove the multicoloured ones - hope you get lots of joy wearing it!

  3. MMMC: I want to arrange to meet somebody I don't know and say, "I'll be the woman wearing the large flower brooch!"

    Curlypops: I could never decide on a colour before and the multicoloured one solved the problem!

  4. Oh wow, you lucky thing. I totally covet these but paying shipping to the UK seems a bit excessive.

    New Years resolutions, me neither, but I do start the year reflecting on what I'd like to do better in the next one. That said I'm liking MMCs idea that actual resolutions might be worth a try!

    Oh, and yes, Mum definitely has her priorities right ... she has some lovely bruises where she cushioned the bottle with her, um, chest ;D

  5. I'm still bemused by the collectedness of food and undies. But that's just me.
    The creek brought back some happy nostalgia.
    I vividly remember one evil day that I played hookey with a boy in my class . NO. Nothing like that!
    We spent the day pretending to enjoy ourselves down by Ithaca Creek until I fell in .
    There had been a lot of rain and the creek was very muddy as was I when I managed a foothold.
    The next challenge was to get home without being seen by my mother who, I knew, would question me about my wet disarray and the early hour of return from school.
    She was out!
    But, why was I not triumphant?
    I blame my Catholic guilt!
    Miserable,I took myself off to confession the next day.
    I forgot to mention the cow pats adhering to my bare feet from Gramenz's dairy through which the creek ran.

  6. Your hypothetical new years resolution speaks to me.
    Gorgeous brooch/hair clip - very you!


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