Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Presents of Mine

In the midst of gifting up for other people, a brief reversal arrived in the mail yesterday. I had all but forgotten a giveaway I had won on Zaranne Handmade in the whirlwind of the last fortnight. Look at that pretty wrapping!Because I am very tired and ditzy at the moment I thought it was actually tiny bunting.
There was also a tiny heart shaped decoration that reminded me of part of a certain tail light. The card could be the Big Fella and I if you squint and make it look less calm and structured.
See how the bunting works! Just tiny paper triangles on white cartridge with ribbon tied over it. So clever and sweet and simple.
Inside there was more sunny yellow bunting. I have to think about where to put it. I'm considering it as the new garden party bunting as the crocheted garlands I normally bring out are on the Christmas tree. There's even a yellow toned pillowcase. You know I can't cut them don't you, Zara?
I got all festive then and tied these pretty cookie cutters on the cookie packs I made the teachers. They are 3 for $2 at K-mart so I bought a few for little nephews as well. With the spotty ribbon they would be nice enough to hang on the tree as decorations.
Then B1 indirectly informed me that he had a girlfriend and needed to buy her a present of chocolates and flowers. "Son", I said."You don't give flowers to a girl in December in Brisbane unless she lives in a fridge." So we went with a $2 snow dome and chocolate. Do you like the heart cookie cutter? I got a bit carried away and he didn't ask me to remove it.

The card said something like," Dear K., Have a great Christmas. I'll miss you. Bye." He's not gushy. Then he got a friend to give it to her at the break up party tonight because he had to leave to go to the football. It does not bode well for their future happiness.
Suddenly I'm in the mood to wrap. Pity I've bought no presents yet! How are you lot progressing with present pile ups.


  1. I love the bunting wrap, so cute! You really haven't bought any presents yet??? whoa.

  2. The bunting wrapping is such a cute idea.

    I usually leave things to the last minute. However, as much as I "love" shopping on Christmas eve, I've actually managed to stock the "present cupboard" pretty well this year (much of it through middle of the night breast feeding online shopping). So after a couple of shopping expeditions this week, I'm almost done. Amazing.

  3. I exaggerated Deb. I have stuff on Lay by and lots of stocking fillers. I'm just having trouble coming up with Fish and Lala's Santa present now because they don't need ANYTHING!

  4. Loving that bunting wrapping! I am way behind with presents. Waaaaaay behind....

  5. B1 is starting early. But, I admire the way he can admit his loving to his Mum.
    That has NEVER happened to me. Perhaps all of my children were Soviet spies, with ne'er a feeling showing. Rather along the lines of Mr.Putin without the muscles.
    Many is the time I could have used a poisoned sheathed umbrella.
    My large collection of eclectic presents are smothering our freedom of movement around the nest .
    TG for eBay and PayPal.

  6. Love the bunting both large and mini. B1's relationship strategies should do him until he's at least around 30. Tell him though he must never dump via text. I have done no Christmas shopping other than all the Lego which has been done by Legoman. Wish me luck.

  7. Which one is B1! I know as a fairy I should know, but to my shame I do not! Who is the Legoman and can I arrange a meeting?

  8. I've ordered a lot of stuff - but I don't think much of it's arrived yet. If it doesn't get here soon I think I'll be out getting cookie cutters for every bloody body. Can't believe he's got a girlfriend. And you wrapped her a present. You're the best mum in the ENTIRE WORLD@!@!!!!!

  9. DMC: I find talking of such topics in the car without eye contact, quite productive!

    BG: I can't buy any more Lego. I shan't- I simply shan't! They have a crate of it and it comes out more and more rarely- sadly!

    Julie: 'Tis W.

    Anna: He still owes me for the Favourites chocolates!


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