Monday, October 10, 2011

Only for you...

Because I love you, I wanted to make this small artwork. It is expression of my appreciation of your calmness, your ability to keep things in perspective and to laugh at my endearing foibles.

Got that?

It was not easy to make. I had to procure a small piece of very red hard acrylic, say the kind you might find in a tail-light. With exquisite care and precision, I deftly reversed the car into a wheelie bin (which YOU had placed there but I would NEVER be upset with you over something so trivial). Having positioned the car precisely I popped the little ode to love out of the tail light and have arranged a small installation with Araldite in case you might like to fix it. But I hope you choose not to.

As it is all the world will know of our love as my small bright heart glows out of my car's bum- only for you! x


  1. Hey Annie,
    I found the fabulous free background on Shabby Blogs. I think there is a link to it in the upper left corner of my blog. Their uploads are real easy to follow. Can't give you any advice on the Photoshop stuff as today was my very first day trying it out and I have no manual. I can help you out on the blogger-front though! Just let me know what you have in mind and we can figure it out. It would help if you could send me your email address so we can communicate a bit more in private... :-)

  2. How could anyone be angry with you after such a love poem?

  3. Could happen to anyone and frequently does.
    But, the blossoming of love in a tail light is on another plane entirely. (or should I say "car"?)


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