Friday, October 14, 2011

Count your blessings!

14....15....16....Have you ever had somebody count your age in claps before you can drink your tea or start your brekky in bed. It gives one considerable time to wake up properly and prepare ye for the day of birthday brahoohah.

Planning for successful birthday execution:

1. Put on pretty frock and twirl in the kitchen. (As I do every day.)
2. Clutch handbag and be briskly walked to an unknown Nanna destination for a coffee and lady shop. (Don't struggle. You'll sink deeper.)
3. Lunch on tasty food with good company. Some is less animated. (Get your foot out of the aeoli!)
Some is more so.
Some are very comfortable though not all of them like to be sat on.

4. Receive a variety of tasteful and profound cards from philosophical friends.
5. Peruse present pile and note a distinct tendency towards reading matter. That C.W.A. cookbook could be destined for great things in this house. The top one has instructions for what it is to be used for. (Thanks Mum.) The second one has apparently been read by every other female in the Western World between 20 and 60. The third is a secret trinket holding fake book to store my vast collection of enormous jewels in.
6. Opt for dinner to be on a picnic blanket on Mt Cootha out of pizza boxes.

I was still recovering from lunch and birthday cake. The offspring played hide and seek in the dark whilst the toddler pole danced in the rotunda. Later she was joined there by the others where they performed various versions of the 'Shuffle' and sang a s-l-o-w version of Happy Birthday, standing in tiers (no, not tears) like scruffy Von Trappes. The city looked gorgeous, all sparkly below. I'd show you the photos but the 8 year old deleted them all driving home. I forgave her as there was no washing up and she made me the best paper plane birthday card ever! 41....42....43....


  1. Haha, your posts are just the bees knees! ;-) Hieperdepiep Hoera, as we say in Holland! :-)

  2. Happy Birthday :D From another Annie, half the world away, who just had a birthday too!
    Many thanks for the get well wishes, and you asked about Michael Ancher ... he was Danish :D

  3. CR: Hieperdepiep right back at you! I like how that sounds.

    Annie: We do seem to have a lot in common. Was it the 14th?

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Sounds like you had a lovely day! Good for you. I does take a while to get to the forties.

  5. All best wishes of happiness and peace for your birthday, Annie.
    It sounds action packed and looks like fun.
    I love the red elephant.
    Small stuff looked terrific entering into the celebration.

  6. Happy Birthday Annie!! Looks like a great day!!

  7. Oh best wishes to you Annie. That CWA book looks fabulous. You must provide us a review. And the hooters card is just the funniest thing. xx

  8. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had fun.

    I've had half an eye on the CWA cook book. Let us know how it goes.

    I hope you have a secret revolving book shelf/fireplace on which to place your trinket holding fake book.

  9. The 13th, and I think I'm a few years old than you ... but yes, lots in common, and more so if only I had got around to having that fifth child ;D

  10. Happy belated Birthday Miss Annie, sorry I have had my head in an assignment. Pleased to read about your beautiful day, does the CWA classics have Gluten Free? That red elephant should provide much good fen shui.

  11. Happy Birthday Annie! Pole dancing toddlers, hmm...

  12. I wish I had thought to send you such a classy card.


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