Saturday, October 1, 2011

Changes afoot

Just for a change we had a homemade pizza picnic in front of Toy Story.Lala felt like a change too so she cooked in her roller derby ensemble. Bananas have started to reappear in the fruit bowl so their prices must have changed as well.
There have been other changes afoot. Long ago this rock was the photo rock at a local park where we had to pick the little tackers up and squat about six of them on there with room to spare. They used to gaze up at the summit of the rock trying to judge whether to climb the North or West face. Now they just step onto it.
This has gone under the house to be passed onto a new baby coming to new parents this month.
It had just become a jumble sale under there and Divine Ms M was getting too long for the top. So it has gone and the nappies will too with Summer. The coat is a bit dreary but was found in a bag by my sister and identified as being mine when I was two. We put Shorty in it and she looked like a Bosnian orphan. How styles change.
Her room has changed now into a little child's room instead of a baby's room. Her interests have changed too. She has stopped lining people up and changed to crowding them in rooms and vehicles- much like her parents do with her siblings.
See that little house down in the left corner. Just for a change I bought that at Ron and Brian's for seriously small change.
I bought it because it was so cunning the way it changes from this neatly packed little apartment...
into this fabulously Miami style villa, complete with roof spa, bunk beds and a waterfall swimming pool.
Look at the casually flung hat and towel. This could be the model for the 'Birdcage' set. One almost expects to see Nathan Lane burst through the port holed door looking for Robyn Williams at any moment!
In stark contrast and to change the flavour of the post completely here is another imminent change. It was busy over the holidays and this was erected when I wasn't looking. I have no idea. That's the letter box in the corner and the untouchable poinsiana which has been there since the 30's and will not be affected for ANY change... but I'll let him go ahead. Bless.
He is helping change this into a much bigger garden but I'm ready to change from veges and just do herbs and flowers and tomatoes. The fauna is overtaking the flora and that is never going to change.
Here's something he prepared earlier. It is a nice change from the lap pool/ quagmire we had after the Brisbane floods in January. That house colour is going to change too he tells me. Any ideas?
It is quite the nice place to hide after I put out the laundry on a sunny morning.
No change here. They are laying like champions and finding a clutch of these never fails to make me feel happy because they are just so pretty and perfect...
so lovely to hold all warm and smooth. I go all pastorale.
Sheizen! Fumble Fingers! Some things never change.
Just for a change here's a different take on Bowie so Frenchy, so chic and acoustic.


  1. Have you any happy, camp campers for the Miami villa?

    I always get a bit sad when I pack away baby things ... not sad enough to have any more babies though!!

    Shame about the egg.

  2. When we packed Son#2's baby things, I howled like a maimed animal and it was then I convinced Jason we needed to have a third child...Clearly I got that out of my system because I whistled a merry tune (relatively speaking)when we packed up Son#3's baby things...
    Love your little one's saucer chair. x

  3. MMMC and Brismod: I said good-bye to my baby things with the last last baby so this time I'm just glad to get the space. Finding it a home saves me driving to Ron and Brian's although that would have improved my op shop karma which is in deficit at the moment.

  4. I get that same happy feeling when seeing the chook nest boxes with a freshly laid egg or two. x

  5. Zara: They are like little poultry pearls aren't they?!

  6. Sounds like the busiest long service leave in the history of long service leave! What's going on in the front yard. Will be sure to investigate on our next visit! And aurevoir Shorty's change table... B's went a while ago. Have been changing her on the floor ever since. Am plotting the nappy finale this Christmas also... can you imagine? No nappies! OMG!

  7. Anna: If you find out what it is let me know. Perhaps we are having a market stall, a permanent lemonade stand?

  8. Just popped through from Fun & VJS and have to say I'm very jealous of your beautiful big garden. I can't wait to get stuck in and grow some vegetables (although whether I'm capable of making them actually GROW is another matter entirely) :)



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