Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back to the drawing board

Last night as I kicked through the debris of Boysworld to unearth the beds, I found a couple of last year's sketchbooks deposited down there by one of the cousins. She liked leafing through so I had another look with her and realised that not all the recorded events were as special as I had remembered. Some are quite whimsical like this Henry Moore-ish portrait of a mum and baby shadow at the beach. However...most record a very mundane lifestyle indeed. It seems there was still raking and baking and collecting eggs.
Struggling with technology and losing photos and equipment seems par for my course.
Oh this was fun- rearranging the pantry. That was over a year ago. Is there a rule about the frequency of these chores?

The festive season was clearly upon me when all I could come up with on Christmas Day was crumpled wapping paper. So much paper, so little time.
Stacking rocks was one of the pursuits I encouraged my children to pursue at the beach. "It's wonderful, keep going, build it higher. Wake me when it's done." They spent quite a few days on that activity ending up with stupendous fortresses and dugouts.

Peeling veges and making soup- Groundhog Day- this could be 2011's drawing journal.
What was going on here!? It's okay. Fishy got a rope tying manual so he could do useful things on the boat- like tie knots in rope.

Ah, yes. Here is a Deb Tribute if ever I saw one. In fact, we will call this 'doing a Deb'! They did this with a football between me unlocking the front door and following them to the kitchen. I never did find out which boy it was. They copped the blame equally in the Brotherhood of Breakage. It was a spectacular break as they go and is now recorded for posterity in the little black book of Wonders and Blunders.


  1. I hope Deb appreciates what you did for her. And what's the go with the wrapped double carrot? And is that a diamond ring I spy underneath it? And I wouldn't go to sleep next to a man practicing his hang knots. I'm just saying.

  2. I'm flattered! This is great because I haven't broken anything in so long. Must be losing my touch. Lovely drawings.

  3. Yes, Julie.
    Simple subject, great result.
    I love 'em all.

  4. Gee your sketches are brilliant.

    And all in pen, so it's not as if you're able to rub out any mistakes.

    Where do you find the time to sketch, and cook, and wash etc?

  5. Anna: Double carrot= weird plant from a friend with wrapped in newspaper roots. Very cute presentation. It still lives! The ring was a toy dug up in the garden. The knots= whatever keeps them happy.
    Deb: Could it have spread here via this blog?
    Julie: Even if it's a bit bah humbug.
    DMC: Simple is as simple does and as time goes on I get simpler and simpler.
    MMMC: Cooking? Washing?


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