Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Morning is broken (like a record).

Up at Dawn's crack. Somebody has started swimming training, good grief!No point crying over spilt cornies.

I was repeating myself a lot this morning.

Pick up your jamies, pick up your jamies, pick up your jamies.

(Sometimes I mix it up a bit.)

Put on your sun screen. Have you got sunscreen? Would you like me to help you with sun screen?

(Mostly I don't bother.)

Put on your undies. Put on your undies. Put on your undies...Beuller?

This is what they hear.


  1. What do you want for breakfast?

    Clean your teeth.

    Put that in the laundry pile.

    Make your bed.

    Be good.

    I'm leaving.

  2. MMMC: It's the "I'm leaving" one where I'm going wrong!

  3. "I'm leaving" doesn't faze them any more. It did once.


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