Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Little boxes.

This little box of loveliness came from the other op shop up at the Sunshine Coast. I'm always a sucker for wooden boxes, or tin or leather. This one had an old cube puzzle in it. I had tried to buy one for the older children years ago and was disappointed when it arrived and was plastic. I had just assumed they were all wooden like when I was a tot.The nice thing about the blocks is the lovely old animal pictures on them. They are all worn on the edges from lots of careful little hands trying to reconstruct the pictures. There may have been a few grown up hands too as these are not the easiest cube puzzles I have ever done.
It may be the complexity of the landscapes or the fact that there are more blocks than usual and no guide pictures or a few late nights taking its toll. The 2 year old is far from doing these and the others are at school so it is down to me to reconstruct them when they are found in lines and stacks around the house.
In an effort to make them easier and faster to execute (for the child) and to procrastinate any domestica duties, we scanned the six images. This required more laundry avoidance as we had to rebuild the six scenes.
They came up so well that I thought they might stand alone as little vintage artworks.

The squares are beautifully time worn, and delineate a patchwork effect. So then I thought, could these be transferred onto fabric and oversewn where the squares are to create a real patchwork of cubes on a bed or cot throw. Even if there were just a few panels interspersed with some spotty panels, some stripes, maybe a teensy bit of Liberty. I'm thinking with a red pom-pom trim because I have a hankering for pom-poms.
Meanwhile I have yet to get my sewing machine fixed. What do you think? Too kitsch? I'm still deliberating.
Then one could cut the whole lot up and glue them in a huge mismatched cube puzzle effect on a canvas with a red gesso. Hmmm. Annie, get your gonna.


  1. You're a creative soul Annie. Each square would make a great floor cushion - "Puzzling cushions". Then you can market them to pre-prep and junior schools for mat time. What d'ya think? A pop-up etsy store? xx

  2. They are wonderful.
    And a farmyard theme?
    Perfect for your hacienda.

  3. Did you see the utube comment about crazy knife throwing mother..."pretty useless she missed those bloody kids every time!" Now there's a mum who needs some art therapy. LG

  4. Love it all Annie. Spots, stripes and pom poms- it will work!!

  5. Love the pics. You can DEFINITELY do something there. Let me know if you need help. And where on EARTH did you find that clip??!!!

  6. Brismod: I'm thinking floor cushions as there may be a square inch of space here I haven't touched.

    DMC: I have a particular penchant for the poultry.

    LG: DId you notice the horrified nuns in the background and the handy angel wing shape above the target toddlers. They never did that stuff at the convent when I was a kid.

    Megan: YOU could make it work. Do you have a sewing machine in that caravanski?

    Anna: The question is not where did I find it but rather WHEN and I think we both know the answer to that one!

  7. I'd love to see a quilt made from these. They're great. You have a kick-butt scanner.

  8. MMMC: In theory it all sounds fabulous...time will tell.

  9. I do love those blocks I wish I had all the ones my kids have had over the years now.I love Bris and MMCs ideas

  10. Hello there Nellie. These could have been yours if you donated them to an oppy at Kawana!

  11. Annie, I have a horrible voice. I told Carmel I sound like Minnie Mouse.

  12. Hey Annie, no more info on my favourite op shop on the Sunshine Coast, it was shared with you but please not on the internet!

  13. I'd love to have something like that in my home. I want to make my home feel more farm like. If you want to know what I think. I think they look great. Chickens on my wall make me smile.


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