Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Happy Place

As Fishy played a melancholy farewell to his beloved little sister (read implied sarcasm), the other one danced a merry jig in the background and refused to let him stop. He didn't mind. It's his happy place. We are all so sick of 'the cast'. It makes showers and baths more of an ordeal than it is normally for him and he has used it as an excuse to morph from my Schroeder to my Pigpen. (In case you missed it I'm going for the full Peanuts cast.)
Lala has her first camp away tonight with Year 3. She was a little melodramatic but nothing a bus full of giggling girls wouldn't fix. She tried to have an emotional farewell but Flossy thought she was being shanghaied for the bus and was unreceptive to the moment.
Get on the bus, get ON the bus...Yes! Drive you foolish bus driver- NOW! Is that a fixed smile if you ever saw one? Soon she will be in her happy place oblivious to the rest of her family as she does camp stuff with her besties.
Within minutes Floss was trying to come to terms with the pain of separation. She found solace in the counsel of the Swinger at her happy place....
...and in Nanna Freddo's Freddos and cake at Uglypilly Shoppingtown. That is Nanna's happy place. I found myself wandering through Myer horrified at the prices and 'sales' and thinking how, if Ron and Brian used some halogen down lights for a bit of bling and some softly piped musak, they'd provide stiff competition.
That made me miss the op shop so we abandoned the bright lights of the mall and went to our more modest happy place on the way home. Floss picked up a medley of tea sets in a big basket for $2.
I got these little babies for Miss Lala's bedside table to welcome her home tomorrow...
...along with a punnet of her favourite berries. Not that I'm missing her but I might just sleep in her bed tonight.
Did you have a happy place today?


  1. The first time my older daughter went to camp she had so much fun she went into a decline on her return that only the promise of another school trip a month down the line could dispel. I never knew whether to congratulate myself on her independence or take it personally ;D

  2. I had no idea that school camp came as soon as grade 3! Totally agree on your thoughts of massive shops vs op shops, i have so much more fun in the oppies. melx

  3. Oh, the school trips. Only the thought gives me the shivers. Your girl looks very brave!

  4. Annie: Thank goodness there is only one camp this year. She has been watching her brothers go for five years now and has been packed for five weeks.

    BG: I have a very limited tolerance of the big shopping centres especially the mega ones- they give me the heebies and I just lose patience.

    Lilli: She is brave and funny and delightful and she makes me tea and knows when I need a hug in the middle of breakfast.

  5. I would sleep in her bed too.

  6. So did you sleep in her bed? And I love 'Uglypilly' - I've never heard it called that before! I think my happy place is either here, in front of the computer answering blogs, or in front of my easel with no deadlines... the former is sad and the latter understandable. Imagine them all going to school camp simultaneously... although even one being away leaves a big hole... wierd.

  7. Deb: I did! Flossy was in with the Big Fella anyway by midnight so I baled.

    Anna: Uglypilly just popped into my mind while I was thinking about it. You would not think four would feel different to three but it changes everything. With Lala away the telly stayed off and people played Lego and read books. Who knew?

  8. The teen didn't go off on his first sleepaway camp until year 5 and I thought that was early (not too early really but in my day it was Year 6 before camps started).

    Love the little welcome home decor! My mum used to make my room special for me after I'd been away and I LOVED it :)


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