Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The good ,the bad and the ugly.

The Good:
This lovely boy taking his little sister for a precarious ride in his version of the 'Minnow' on a ten minute cruise.The design of the craft whilst dubious, made the girls very happy.
The Bad:
This is what we were distracting her from. She was looking for lol-lols. The nannas, bless them, have given her cause for a small addiction. She calls one Nanna Lol-lol and the other Nanna Freddo. She will climb walls for a whiff of confectionary.
The Ugly:
Nanna Freddo says I have towels like boards. I say I am bored with towels and the person who is putting eight a day in the laundry basket. If it's not dripping hang it up for another round.
Note: From my vantage point at the laundry basket I can observe all pool shenanigans and wall climbing except for my own.


  1. What is it with towels? And does anyone actually have a washing machine that stops for fabric softener? Bad news about the sugar addiction. I'm sure it started with grandmothers for me too...

  2. I'm board with towels too. Don't even talk to me about sugar addiction.

  3. I hope none of the Nannas smoke or have a whiskey habit.

  4. MMMC: I believe there are mountain climbers on the Scottish side!

  5. Towels are meant to stand alone, I believe.
    I have no sympathy for them at all.
    Those heaped laundry baskets though,are all too real.


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