Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ring of Wire

A fence is a useful thing.
So I made a wiry ring.
Bound by a fence that's higher.
Stay out- of my Ring of Wire.
Don't jump over my wonky ring of wire.
It goes round and round so the plants get higher.
And they'll grow, grow, grow in my ring of wire,
Ring of Wire.
(Some things never get old!)


  1. You're hilarious. My new baby is on my blog.

  2. Deb: Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!! What will you be known as?

  3. I love your ring of wire; you're very clever, you know. And - you leave the most beautiful comments on my blog. Wish I could say something poetic about your chickens, but I'm like in between many things here and can't really think.
    But, ah, to be out in a dreamy summer dress, I wouldn't mind it one bit.
    Lilli x

  4. Ha! Ring of wire! This is exactly what I want D to do across the back of the yard and you've just given me the musical method to convince him!

  5. Lilli: Strangely the eggs inspire poetry but the chickens only inspire fencing wire!

    Anna: What did David do to be penned up across the back yard? Remember to wield your guitar just so as you convince him.

  6. Johnny Cash has joined us!
    I now feel giddy with joy.

  7. I fell into a barbed ring of wire.. down, down, down the plants grew higher, damn, damn damn that ring of wire..ring of wire. B


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