Friday, October 21, 2011

Art happens!

I had great artistica plans for today but they were waylaid. The great magpie hunter distracted me from my train of thought.I couldn't bear the rancid cast any more so we spent an hour and a half having the thing removed by a stoic nurse who needed a Bex and a lie down afterwards.
Then the prodigal returned dishevelled and full of camp songs, what Moira Petrowski did, who got busted for pillow duty, etc.
Between afternoon tea and dinner they all collapsed so I got Jane, the muse, out of the closet. This box is a treasure in that it contains the paltry remains of my active paint collection and that it belonged to my elderly and beloved neighbour, Bob. It was his tool box and he gave it to the Big Fella to clean up for me as a paint box. There was talk of sanding it back but I couldn't lose Jane.
We undercoated this old container of toys. It came from Reverse Garbage originally and I started to do something patchworky years ago and got bored. It has only returned upstairs with Flossy's arrival.
First I painted on a very simple generic flower shape in titanium white.
Lala opted for a turquoise flower and red background although I was going to paint the reverse.
Some old Jo Sonia paint in Moss Green for the leaves.
Some Sonia Red from Raine and Sage for the background. (A thoughtful gift when she left.)
That red paint is the bee's knees and has a few projects planned for it already. It is also washable it seems. Look! She found a yak at the doctor's and they let her keep it for extraordinary patience in the face of tedious cast removal.
This is my 'art' table. Yes, domestica has triumphed over wizened up artistica yet again.
So I painted on the floor with the girls climbing on my back until the thought of a potentially red carpet forced me to send them scarpering. It only took an hour all up.

And here it is in situ to keep your trains in and put your tea on. It is much less fussy than the older version and the room feels better for it. Clearing all those manky stuffed toys out helped....
although for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


  1. Don't you just love it when the domestica takes over the artistica?

  2. I love the new tub! It's excellent. That flower is very groovily done. Should I check out Reverse Garbage this Wednesday?

    Can you paint my dolls' house?

    Can you pull out your dolls' house for some inspiration?

    You have a lot of toys!!

  3. Deb: NO! But I have accepted the inevitability of it.

    MMMC: Yes! Always.
    Yes, but why take away your enjoyment.
    Maybe, but it would need some cleaning up.
    How embarrassing- airing one's stuffed toys in public. I have taken garbage bags of stuffed toys to the oppy. I have clearly instructed family and friends to NEVER buy them for my children and still they breed like silkworms! Seeing them in one place may encourage further culling. I had better check the toddler isn't mixed into the pile.

  4. We have a stuffed toy issue too. Love the painted toy box. It looks fantastic. And your paint box is just hilarious. I'm so glad you kept Jane. xx

  5. Love the painted tub, have seen them at reverse garbage. I despise stuffed toys also! Was the casted arm a little white and wasted?

  6. Brismod: Maybe we could have some kind of ritual bonfire with dusty stuffed toys or just send them all to Santa for other children.

    Megan: The arm is white and wasted with a bit of a bump in it. He is making chips again as we speak so it seems okay.

    DMC: Exhausted from counting all those stuffed toys?

  7. Stuffed toys do have a life of their own and multiply like rabbits.
    They still abound in my very restricted space.
    But, each one tells a story, so I listen and love them.

  8. DMC: Most of the ones remaining are not necessarily the fancy ones but the ones the children have had special relationships with in some way. It's the stories that are hard to give up not the toys.

  9. Could you tell my kids that it's the stories please? And I'd like one of those tubs for Christmas. Thank you.

  10. Anna: Christmas tubs for Christmas! Hmm. Maybe I could smuggle some children out in them.

  11. Cool table Annie and even cooler Jane box.


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