Thursday, October 27, 2011

Calmer karma!

Today was calmer.

This is what they were doing when I groped my way out of the bedroom this morning. The five of them were standing together, holding hands, forming a circle of love and silent understanding. There was even whispered 'chanting'. Then I woke up a bit more and realised they were performing party tricks on each other. Still it was a pleasant start and when they are older and looking at photos I will tell them they were embracing each other in sibling love!
Another calm moment was sitting in the Lairy Godmother's parlour chatting for way too long and enjoying her fabulous new vinaigrette. She has very schmick newly polished concrete floors, the m.i.l's old sideboard and some groovy glass. The big painting is from her husband's artist uncle, Eric Stegman. It is rather special I think. The little one she ordered on-line not long ago from New Zealand artist Ellen Giggenbach. Have a look at her site. It is lovely.
Armed with a calmer demeanour and airier mood, I got a better pavlova - puffy piles better. We ate the flat one for dessert and this one will go to Year 3 tomorrow. It is a cheat pavlova from one of those pavlova eggs. Lala will read aloud a recipe and instructions that she believes to be true but we know better.
Lairy Fairy gave me the tip. I have never used one before but it was so easy to 'beat to stiff peaks', like shaving cream! Even the 10 year old Masterchef could whip this up! I'm getting some more for Saturday baking boy bonanza time.!

Lala has begun planning her birthday for next week. She has the guest list down to 23!!!


  1. Oh man I laughed at this post. At the cult-looking family photo at the top. I thought, "Here we go, this is when Annie tells us she's a devout follower of such and such..." Phew!
    But the pavlova out of the egg. Too funny. It looks amazing. You'd never know.
    The lairy godmother has excellent taste too. Great art and great mid century vibe. Love it.

  2. I would love my lot to show a bit of quiet and hand holding love lol

  3. Ha! I laughed at Brismod thinking you'd lured us all here, and then only to reveal some kooky cult!



  4. I have suspected this for some time now. Welcome, Sister Nelly, to the Cult of Kooky. My children have been strangely calm the last few days. Cult kids are like that!

  5. That pic of your 5 is precious.
    I love the art and LG's taste.


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