Saturday, October 15, 2011

Smurfs and Bedding!

I reluctantly dragged myself to the Smurfs today. We were given free tickets and families of seven don't say no to free tickets, even if it is to the Smurfs. The whole Smurf thing never really made sense to me but I figured I could take off my glasses, squint and think Moomins. Motherhood is about sacrifice, right?It wasn't that bad but is worth viewing just for the superb crochet babette rug made by the smurfs for the movie living room. There are some good close ups. I found I lost track of the plot (not a big problem) as I started to count stitches and tried to recall colours. Whoever really created it should be up in the credits. Maybe they were and I was too busy shaking off popcorn and looking for my Birkis under the seat to notice. For the last hour I have been obsessively googling for the pattern as it is a spiral granny square not a normal one. Excuse the photo of a photo but I haven't worked out how to get my Pinterest thing onto the blog yet. See how the yellow centre spirals out? So smurfy, so chic.

Meanwhile this is what boys do with sleepovers when they have no big brothers for the night and the father is in bed early and the mother is obsessively googling Smurf bedding.
The daughter has a friend sleeping over too. It would never do to throw out the equilibrium of the house with less than five children. Look at those filthy feet or maybe don't.
The music stands that the school made us buy three of finally found a use as props for the tent.
Oh! He popped up l
ike a little marmot to get a pillow.
There are two of them sleeping in there with the light on-maybe not quite sleeping.
Good night, boys. Don't talk to any strange girls with stomach problems.
I see bed, people.


  1. Annie, to me, the prolonged intense exposure to Smurfs has produced an addled expose for me.
    The zoom between crochet and tents has found me wallowing.

  2. DMC: I would like to blame the Smurfs but the addle has been inherent here for some time. I feel a yen to dash to Spotlight today!

  3. I can feel energy seeking inspiration.
    Just like a taut well-oiled machine.

  4. DMC: I'm afraid there is nothing taut and well oiled here and, though there is always inspiration, the energy may need a boost.

  5. Did the big fella go to the smurfs too? Impressed. And I reckon you could wangle one of those blankets. But you've got to stick your tongue out, just... so...


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