Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oranges Poranges- who cares!

Not long ago we made Anna's Silent Mandarine Cake but as cupcakes and it made me think what a great colour ORANGE is. It's a good food colour.This little pyrex beauty came home from Ron and Brian's just begging for good honest Nanna food in it's pot belly. Orange you glad you came home with us, Polly Pyrex?
A bit of psychedelic toddler wrapping is just summer on a coat hanger....
as is the endangered but beloved orange sprinkler.
Like the sixties, toys are a good source of the orange vibe.

This is borderline but we've already done yellow so this is officially an orange 'W' pointing the way to Boysworld.
Another orange room in the farmhouse is quite teeny tiny for the wee folk to hide in along with the odd sandwich and orange plane refuelling vehicle.
Happy ancient sun drawing...let the sun shine.
Old orange demonstration ceramics from an art teaching job where feisty Year 11 boys had to make trinket bowls but preferred to call them mull bowls.....whatever works for you, boys.
Fishy's favourite song was "the Princess lives in the Big High Tower" so he drew it on one of the storage tubes (from Reverse Garbage ) and I painted it for him....long, long ago.
Where are you now Marion Wood and how old must you be? This has some exquisite illustrations in it from very long, long ago.
This was not Marion Wood's as the garage sale lady I bought it from said it was her 55 year old son's favourite toy also long, long ago. It was also the big fella's when he was a baby so he got it for a father's day gift a while back.
Old fisher price had some punchy orange pigments in their plastics. It doesn't seem to fade.
Nor does glossy Chinese enamel paint so on that musical note I leave you to ponder the cryptic wisdom of Witchypoo and this long ago ditty.


  1. We love orange over here at Betsy's. Roboboy obsessed over yellow for 2 years then suddenly switched to orange (thankyou octonauts) and is slightly less obsessive but the new bike is metallic and orange- the coolest. melx

  2. One of my favourite colours Annie! Have fond memories of HR Pufnstuf, don't remember it really well though. I can sing one line of the theme song!

  3. I'm really enjoying these colour lessons. I love bowls, that orange one's a cracker!

  4. Fisher Price, I like your old stuff better than your new stuff

  5. Some good reminders there.
    My orange phase coincided with the birth of my second child, with purple and green added to stop any boredom.
    The orange seems to have stuck.
    Love the sunshiny dress.

  6. BG: Once again, I didn't know we had so much till I looked and now I'm seeing it everywhere.

    Deb: I love that bowl too and it came with a pyrex lid which makes it even better. That old pyrex seems thicker and just right for chunky mornay.

    Megan: It was the vaudevillian, singing cockney I couldn't stand and still can't in Puf'n'stuff as in life.

    CC: Most of our fisher price is old and thrifted though I think the truck is a Little Tykes ring-in. Some is just really old.

    DMC: Orange, purple and geen hint at a fairly psychedelic influence on your children's early development which explains a lot of Carmel's penchants.


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