Friday, October 28, 2011

Pavlova egg makeover

Lala wants a party. I have made her a D.I.Y. list. She started cutting, pasting, writing and enveloping last night. Is a week's notice not enough? Gosh. I hope none of the EIGHTEEN kids have prior engagements. Go girl. A party task a day gets you a party.
Meanwhile I have pressing household issues to attend to while she pastes and the big fella makes dinner. Remember the Pavlova fiasco. It seems the instant cheat pav was a hit with the discerning palettes of the Year threes. Put sprinkles on cardboard and they'll eat it. So we now have a splendid pavlova mix, egg shaped receptacle. Too good to throw out right?
Inspiration strikes!
A little snip and carve....
the addition of some bits of household junk....
the ubiquitous ninja star made of those things you bung in the back of a canvas.....
and Bob's your uncle. Paint with the universal primer from the bottomless tin.
The alternative universe/ matrix/ dollhouse also needs a table.
The raw items.
Applying a bit of Sonia paint as I watch TV on the couch. (Don't tell the Big Fella I paint on the couch. It's my guilty secret.) Dog stitch a quicky felt cushion.
The children of the Kooky cult ponder over who will try it first? They chant the Kooky mantra. "My turn... my turn..."
Annie McPhee gets the gig.
Oh look! Daddy woke up and there had been a significant reno undertaken. That wallpaper is sourced from the Megan stash in Casa del Artistica Domestica.
Time for a cup of chai before bed.
More to follow.


  1. That is so cute! You have the best imagination ever.

  2. Just catching up with your last few posts. Can I come live in your dollhouse please ... it's much tidier then my house and I'm guessing it smells of two of my favourite things, paint and Pavlova ;D

  3. Oh, how gorgeous! I had no idea what you were going to do with that egg! Very very clever! Your doll house rocks! :)

  4. Annie, you art so clever, love it!! The wallpaper looks as gorgeous as ever. It is so spesh, should have bought some on holidays....

  5. Good god, that egg chair is Amazing!!!! Great thinking there Annie! :-)

  6. That egg pavlova thing would also make a great bullet planter. There's a blog tutorial on how to make one, but you may not need that.

    Does this mean you've entered the Dolls House Challenge?

  7. Love it love it. Oooh do you think you could make another magic egg pav just so you can then have an excuse to make an egg swing as well? Otherwise there could be too many fights over that one egg chair. That wallpaper is gorgeous by the way and I'm with MMMC- join that dollhouse challenge.melx

  8. So it seems you all like dollhouses and egg chairs. Kooky, groovy gals! What is the Dolls House Challenge? Are you serious? There should be a MY house challenge! That pavlova egg was deceptively hard to cut. Think heating the scalpel over the stove gas then melting it...

  9. Fascinating watching the creation of a new and trendy chair for Granny.
    Great finish.
    I'm sure Lala's guests will be fighting over having a go with it too.
    This unfolding reno has me breathless with anticipation.

  10. Unbelievable!
    I would never have thought of any of that, except the 'painting on the couch' part.
    (Some of you makes me feel terribly boring at times :)))

  11. Ok, that is too cool. I love it. 'my turn, my turn!' ;)
    Hope Lala's party is wonderful!

  12. Annie you are so lucky to be spending time having fun. I just finished a very dull assignment. Need a cool egg chair to sit in and feel hip, too big for a pav egg chair.


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