Sunday, October 23, 2011


Have you ever said a word a few times then just thought about what the word means and how it sounds? 'Cloth' is a bit like that. Cloth...It has another meaning now. Today I was rummaging for a bag of remnants I bought at Julie Patterson's Surry Hills shop named Cloth. It is a cornucopia of vintage furniture, her small but delightful paintings and all sorts of upholstery and home wares made of her gorgeous handprinted organic cloth. Most of it is linen and hemp with some vibrant cottons thrown in.
You may have seen some of her more commercially successful fabric runs like that red spotty one. Most of the designs are based on her observations of the Australian environment, whether it's seed pods or suburban street layouts. She has kept the production local and true to its philosophy of sustainability and lush rawness. 'Cloth' is sold internationally now and she has collaborated with Designer Rugs and Porter's Paints, amongst others.
I love this woman's philosophy and work. She even puts all her remnants in bags with instructions on how to reproduce the pricier finished items in her store. Saves us money, makes her money and wastes nothing. Win, win! I've been messing about with some of the remnants to make some cushions as we are in dire need of new ones in the lounge. Miss Janome and I are on the job.
As I was searching all the nooks for the bag of Cloth, this rather lovely old patchwork number turned up. I have been saving old sheets and pillowcases and tablecloths for years to make a quilt. I just can't bring myself to cut them!
This quilt was just draped on a pile of old bed linen at the op shop and they wanted $5 for it. I wasn't even sure if I liked it but there were some pretty groovy bits of fabric mixed in there. It was done as a square doona cover so I could still put wadding in it but the two layers is just a good weight for mid season here.
My favourite fabric in it is the horsey one.
The reverse side is less gaudy and done in a crazy quilting pattern.
The logistics of this hurt my brain.
It just fits the bed as a throw when I am in a nanna phase.
Here it is after a wash basking in the sun, free of the dark blanket box. I wonder who made it and when. It is quite well made- better than I would do with my fast and furious attack mode sewing.
It's a nice bit of cloth.


  1. That bag of cloth + your fixed machine = happy times! Will have to share the kaftan pattern of course. We'll be not only "Territory Twins" we'll be "Kaftan Krazy Ladies"!

  2. Start sewing all the stashed fabric! You'll love it in a quilt or six, I promise.

    Sew. Sew. Sew.

  3. I like the look of your fabric remnants - it will make for a funky looking cushion cover.

    I have a pile of of op shopped sheets and tablecloths I've been collecting. Still waiting for he 'right' project to cut into them. I'll be interested to see what you make with yours.

  4. Love that quilt!! What a find, true gold!!

  5. Anna: Do you do a summer kaftan? It's a stinker today!

    MMMC: Are you suggesting the production of six quilts, one per family member?

    CC: At the moment I'm thinking "tent".

    Megan: Can you believe somebody went to the trouble of making it and then somebody discarded it? Anyway it has a happy home here.

  6. Yes, that's exactly what I'm suggesting.

  7. Good Morning Annie, let me know if you need any help or tips with Blogger, I would love to help out! It is really fun once you've figured out how it works! :-)

  8. That reverse side is a bit mind boggling isn't it! It sure looks as if someone was squeezing a quilt out of their very last scraps of fabric. And what a colourful job they made of it :D

  9. That`s what we call a crazy quilt over here. Take that as you will.

  10. The quilt is a fine find.
    I agree about the wild side.
    I think it would give me a headache.

  11. CR: You are very kind. You are the font-meister!

    Annie: I think it may have been made by a ver thrifty non-wasteful nanna. It has nanna fasteners.

    Deb: A bit like crazy paving. If you broke a quilt and put it back together this is what it might look like.

    DMC: Strangely, the wild side has the gentler fabric prints and the uniform side has some lairy ones.

  12. It is like a Margie Bartley Samoan Quilt, more gold from the oppy.

  13. Julie: One day I will write a whole Margie post! She is spectaculous!


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