Sunday, October 23, 2011

A quiet week-end

Sometimes a quiet week-end at home is like a spiritual 'alka seltzer'- to find your happy place,
read a new book with a cup of tea, (loving my table)
have hordes of merry children over with their lovely Mums for more tea,
explore new hobbies and try new foods,
be best friends (for a while) and do cheesy Saturday night stuff,
build and tinker,
participate in a spectator sport,
get mad and crazy eyed (an hour before your first gig as an altar server.....puh-lease!!),

and find old friends (not always under the laundry sink). She is back from sewing machine hospital (a very happy place for me) and it cost the princely sum of $32 to fix her!!!
Somebody reminded me to find this pincushion I made last year which reminded me to look in these old drawing books again to see when it was.
Then I found this one which reminded me she was not yet one year old at the beginning of last year
and this one which reminded me how hairless she was- like a little budgie!
That reminded me how she has grown and that this was sanded, painted and sent to its new family for their first baby's arrival on Friday. Passing things on to a new happy place always makes it easier to let it go.
I loved these little shoes. They were just oppy ones but we both thought they were pretty. Buying boy gear at Kmart on Friday, I noticed a woman with a younger toddler looking at almost identical shoes for sale. On an impulse I asked if she would like ours. I had just noticed they were too tight for Shorty's feet. Her child was pleased and smiling, the mum seemed happy enough with a big grin and even Shorty seemed pleased about the giving the 'present'.
It felt good to pass them on to somebody randomly like that. Really good. Would you have minded? Was it presumptuous of me? It made K-Mart a happier place for me anyway- a good start to the week-end.
In case that sounded too nice, Lairy Godmother and I checked out a hugely expensive mansione yesterday with SEVEN bedrooms. Oh the joy of all that sterile resort style space. Then I went out with some girlfriends to a tame local family tavern and witnessed a bar brawl with a couple of rowdy pool playing mobs. Seriously, it's been years! I felt like patting them all on the backs afterwards and saying something demeaning like, "Thank you, boys, for giving all the mummies on our table a most exciting highlight to our evening."
(I think one was called Grub, Julie! x)


  1. That pub night sounded wild and crazy. Glad you enjoyed it! I think it's wonderful that you passed on the shoes. Doesn't it make you feel good to do things like that?? Good lesson for the littles too.

  2. I'd have loved to see a bar brawl! That sort of stuff's a cracker if you're not involved in it, of course.

    Sounds like a great weekend. They're my favourite type of weekends too.

    I think there's a lot of good giving things away like that.

  3. Why do gorgeous baby girls have to grow up?
    I'm re-capturing some of those special times through your little one and MMMC's.
    So thank you for unknowingly sharing.
    Is that an old Janome hidden in there?

  4. I love your sketches of your little one. And your quiet weekend didn't sound that quiet if there was a pub brawl thrown in!! And no, not presumptuous at all. Being kind is never that. That little kid with the new shoes will think you're the K-Mart fairy.xx

  5. Deb: It wasn't that wild and crazy but for a bunch of suburban mums it was a bit of an adrenalin rush as we tutted out on the verandah!

    MMMC: Passing it forward is meant to bring good karma so I will buy a lotto ticket to win that ridiculous house and give all my old stuff away(- except the squirrel and the W. German vase.)

    Fiona: How did you pick that Janome? Yes it is a bit of an oldie and I haven'y used it for a while but I may start pfaffing around again on it now.

    Brismod: It's fun to look back on those sketches to think,"Only a year ago..."

  6. I think your table is superb. So happy.
    I noted those shoes on small stuff in a former blog and liked them then.
    If some kind mum had given them to me at an opportune moment, I would have been chuffed.
    They are very up-market in my book.

  7. Good old Grub, wish I was there.


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